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My other half have stopped not-trying, so I stopped taking my pill over two months ago, and now I am two weeks late. I took a pregnancy test about four days ago but it came up as negative. I have had really bad stomach cramps which have woken me up a number of times throughout the last 2 weeks. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on as I am stumped??

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Hi Lolly,

You should definitely repeat the test – even thought pregnancy tests are very sensitive unfortunately a false negative is possible. If the second test is negative, the cramps may just be indicating that your period is on its way. If your period still hasn’t arrived after another 4 days, it would be worth retesting. If that test is negative you should speak to you GP to make sure there isn’t anything else affecting your cycle.

If the test is positive, you should pop down to your GPs to discuss your next steps. Cramps can be a sign of pregnancy and lots of women get them, and it generally doesn’t mean anything is wrong. However, if you are pregnant and experience persistent, severe pain and / or vaginal bleeding you should go to A+E just to rule out an ectopic pregnancy – this is very rare but if you have those symptoms it would be good to get it checked out.

I hope this helps. Again, there is probably absolutely nothing to worry about but it would be worth retesting. Do let me know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,



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