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Should I keep going with the Mirena Coil?

Hi Ladies,

I posted a while ago about starting with the coil and just wanted to see if anyone has any experiences that relate to mine? I had cramping at the start which was fine but now I just feel really funny and have done for a while. I have these awful headaches and often go through waves of feeling down. I know its only been a month or so but I just don't feel right. xx

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Hi Judith,

Yes - I Remember when you had the mirena coil fitted as I was curious as to how the whole procedure went,

My initial thoughts at the moment is it could possibly take a few weeks to roughly 3 months for your hormones & immune system to adjust to it as I'd imagine the coil is very similar to the symptoms which are also associated with the implanon implant as they can temporarily stop the flow of ovulation.

You may also remember me telling you I had the contraceptive implant fitted in my arm a few months after giving birth to my 1st child

At this time I distinctly remember experiencing very bad migraine like headaches for about the 1st 5 to 6 months of having it fitted. I also seemed to have bled continuously for about 4 months with maybe a day or two restbite inbetween.

However after those 1st couple of months my periods stopped & my headaches would still make an appearance but were more manageable to control.

As it is kinda still pretty early days since you've had the coil fitted my advice would be to give it a few more weeks & see how you feel,

Also Has your periods seem to reduce yet or would you say it's appearing irregular?

in the meantime it may also help if you try to drink plenty of fluids I.E, water as the possible change in your hormone level may be slightly dehydrating you which could also be adding to your feelings of sickness.



Hi Abenaa,

Thanks for your advice. I think you are right it has only been a short while so I should just wait it out. The doctor said that my body would take a while to adjust but the mood swings are worse than I thought they would be. Yea my period was lighter. Good idea with the water and perhaps I will try and go for a few walks to make me feel more alive, the fresh air always seems to lighten my mood. Did you get one fitted in the end? Xx


Hey Judith,

No, I opted for the Depo-provera injection in the end as I used to suffer with quite heavy & painful periods in the past & the thought of having it returned out weighed my decision.

" sorry for my delayed reply as I haven't logged onto her for a few days now"



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