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Faecal calprotectin content


Hi all,

I have currently had some bloods and stool samples done as having some stomach issues over the last few months, The Drs have posted my blood tests on my online portal and the Faecal calprotectin content test came back abnormal at 91.0 ug/g but normal levels should be 0 - 50 - I cannot get into my GP for another 2 weeks due to them being overcrowded and my DR is away - I have had several of the blood tests come back abnormal not just this one.

Could anyone advise me from their experience what this usually means?

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I have been having IBS and mal absorption issue for over nine months. Last week, my energy level fell from 10 k walk to 1 k. Went to the doctor who got the following tests done.

Doppler test

MRI of the brain

And blood test for B 12.

The first two were okay but my B12 level was very low. On injections and tablets to raise the level


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I have had all the iron and B12 blood tests (i think) and several have come back abnormal - just waiting on the dr to confirm all this and get a diagnosis