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Living with incontienence


Living with incontienence both bladder and bowel is difficult enough but the worry of having to have the money to buy pads is more stressful than anything else. I have accepted having to wear pads 24/7 but it’s find the funds to buy them. I worked full time up until recently and I’m out of work now. It’s a struggle enough just to get buy on a day to day basis never mind an added expense.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can work this out to get pads when I don’t have the finances ?

U don’t get them free from the NHS so I’m stuck in a hole

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Hi I'm in Scotland and we get our incontinence free, our health visitor refers us, and starts us off with some then when we need more we get in touch with them, I hope this helps because it must be costing you a fortune

Rosie 😊

Lol incontinence free I meant incontinence pads etc

Rosie 😊

Thanks Rosie, I tried everything but it just seems a waste of time because they aren’t interested. I would be as well banging my head against a brick wall

I'm sorry to hear that, the NHS is supposed to help the vulnerable, and I feel being incontinent makes me really vulnerable take care and look in the mirror and say" my life such as it is is worth it "

Rosie 😊

Rosie I wish I could convince myself my life is worth it. From April this year my whole world fell apart. I've lost my home, my job and I have no one either. My stepson broke into my home put a knife and pressed it agaisnt my neck and threatened me because he needed money to pay a drugs debt he owed. He had blackmailed someone out of £60000 over 5 months that finished in February he spent every penny on himself and has nothing to show for it he told me to stop being tight and if I didn't give him the money to pay his debt he would make an allegation against me and I would need to pay. I said no I'm not giving u a penny so u could come back in a few days for more money and tell me it's hush money. What is the allegation ur going to make he replied I'll tell all the neighbour's u abused me when he was growing up and he will phone my employer and do the same. I still said no and it will always be no because u know that I never abused you. He replied doesn't matter mud stick and the allegation will do enough damaged and he will be back to finish the job off. He has returned 4 times and smashed all the windows in my home he did indeed tell the neighbour's and call my work, that's the reason I don't have a home because the police won't let me return because it's not safe and I was imm suspended from my job without pay

Wow what a nasty piece of work, can his mum or siblings not have a word with him

Rosie 😊

His mother brought him to the house with the knife. He doesn't have any siblings

Oh thats horrendous. Just terrible. Hope you are safer now.

I'm so sorry to hear this, I wish I knew how to advise you! Have you tried internet searches for possible sources?

Yeah sst567 I have tried everything and everywhere