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Prednisolone? Colitis is an IBD or ‘just ‘an inflammation


Hi everyone

I just want to let you know guys what has happened to me I saw a private doctor( so I sold my earrings ) ahahh..... no comment

Anyway he prescribed prednisolone rectal foam ..

it was really a hard time to get it as it was. A private prescription..

Now I have pain on my left back and right back as well ..

But !- he said he believed I have crohns even though the diagnosis is chronic colitis ... but not UC .. ‘ simply ‘ just inflammation which I clearly feel ..

So a miracle has happened to me !!!- the prednisolone I think is working I still have the pain but the burning sensation is pretty much gone although there is /still a burning discomfort ..

It was my last hope I’m sure I have a problem with my bowels ( sorry to say it ) ...

Does anyone know that if the prednisolone worlds then Can I try other medications?

I mean I don’t mean asacol salofalk they did not help me and I have been told because it isn’t a gastro problem !!!

There you go it is !!- so like I said I was misdiagnosed many many time s!!!!!

I wish you all the best

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It is a prescription strength steroid foam, so... I think if it works and you find relief that is great. I am guessing you are in the UK. I don't think it really matters where you are, though. It seems doctors are not entirely reliable everywhere. I hope you feel better very soon.

I have Crohn’s and I recently started taking Prednisolone in the form of tablets, because of a stricture and inflammation.

Prednisolone is a steroid that helps bring down inflammation, so yes it’s definitely working.

As for colitis, it’s an inflammation of the colon and very different from Crohn’s disease even though they may share some similar symptoms.