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Nerve problems

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Hello i was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few months back ive had constant pins and needles in my feet and have been told this could be the spine pressing on the nerves does anyone know if anything can be done for this in the way of treatment or scans and how serious is it?

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It could easily be that. An MRI scan would show if that was the problem. I think there are various things that can be done - I had a steroid epidural on my lumbar spine back in the 1980s - my consultant said he didn’t think an operation would be a success and I might end up with back pain which I didn’t actually have at that time - the epidural helped but there are other things that can be done.

I’m not sure how serious it is - obviously in my case it wasn’t because even though I’ve still got lots of nasties in that area I’m still pottering around. Other people do need treatment though so it would depend on what they find on your scan.

I had terrible difficulty recently getting my GP to do anything for me when I fractured my sacrum - told me it was ‘probably a touch of osteoarthritis’ and refused to send me for an x-ray.

I was eventually referred for MRI scans privately through a physiotherapist so if your GP is like mine and unwilling to do anything and fobs you off see about having a scan done privately.

Hi, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis over a year ago after a x-ray showed I have a compression fracture in my back then 9 months ago I fractured my shoulder. I too suffer from a weird sensation mostly in my left foot, like a buzzing feeling. Sometimes I feel it in my legs too and had it in my hand a few nights ago. My friend said it sounds like nerve damage but I've not approached my doctor yet

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Thanks for the relpy

Hi I was diagnosed years ago with osteoporosis in my hips and now after taking steroids for a transplant I have osteopenia in my spine. For the last year I have had awful tingling in my feet and hands especially at night I have to keep the duvet off them as they are so sore and it keeps me wakened, it's horrible. I told my GP and she said it could be arthritis but I am not convinced about that she told me just to take co codamol. I will definitely have to go back and see if she will do something about it. Char

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Thanks for the reply they put me on codamol but to be honest it does not really help.

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Hi it doesn't help me much at all, I will definitely need to go back to the docs and see if they will do something, char

Hi, I came out of a bowel op with tingling and numbness in 3 x toes (I wondered if the compression socks had contributed, as I had stabbing pain in the left calf too and the leg would give way. Two years later diagnosed with osteoporosis and multiple fractures in the spine, then soon after the second vaccine (3 weeks) all the tingling top of feet under feetsometimes into calves up to knees. Seems worse in bed and when I get out of bed then wears off a bit. Peripheral neuropathy? I was told by the neurologist for my migraine to

get the GP to make an appt. with neuropathy. I also have MGUS which came on after the

vaccine (MGUS can cause this neuropathy, but so can diabetis etc. It needs tests to get to the route of the problem.

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Thanks for letting me know i think your right about needing tests but which type, and how long you have to wait is anyones guess

it don’t likely hood it is related to some nerve compression I suffered multiple fractures in my lower back and the only way it was detected was location.Are there a CT scan or in most cases in MRI will show the area of compression I live in Canada I’m not sure why this is an issue seemingly in the UK it’s something that bothered me enough that I was able to get a private MRI done as most public healthcare systems unless it’s essential they don’t do it.

I just needed to know.

The peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve. It supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot and toes.herniated disc is certainly possible and would cause exactly that as that’s what I have and it was detected on an MRI which I paid for privately because I experience the same kind of reluctance with the medical system here in Canada.

It seems almost minor to them, but to you it seriously affects your quality of life…

Hi, I have suffered with pins and needles both in my hands and feet. I queried it with the Dr and at the time she said I had a salt deficiency and to eat a bag of crisps a day which I did but still get pins and needles.

Hi,sounds like you need a definitive diagnosis- I had to fight GP for over a month to get xray,he blamed pain on kidney op.I had six vertebral fractures!I have lots of pins,needles,numbness in legs,feet,presume from nerve damage and crumbling spine.New GP at least gave me pain relief but left to it.Now wonder if things are never going to improve after a year,still can’t stand,or walk for more than few mins re pain.Hard to get any help,so keep shouting! X

I have tingling in my extremities too but it's no longer constant and it's not as bad as it used to be. In 2016-2017 went to a lot of different doctors (2 GPS, an orthopedics doctor, a neurologist, a rheumatologist, and a gastroenterologist) trying to figure out why I have a burning sensation in the middle of my back (thoracic spine area) and tingling in my hands, feet, face and sometimes around my knees. I never got an answer. Frankly, I got exhausted and had to put in on the back burner; however, a few things have changed and I don't have as much tingling as I used to.

1. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and I now take 75 mcg of levothyroxine daily. Thyroid issues can cause tingling.

2. I stopped eating gluten--if you have any kind of gluten sensitivity it can cause all kinds of issues one of which is neuropathy.

3. I've upped lots of my vitamins and minerals, including calcium. If you have any kind of vitamin deficiency there's a chance the tingling might be related to that.

We are all told that calcium is needed for our teeth and bones but calcium is also needed to transmit electrical impulses in our body so it's really important to make sure you are giving your body calcium throughout the day. The body can't absorb more than approximately 500 MG of calcium at a time, so taking 600MG calcium supplements pretty much means you won't actually absorb a good portion of it and you're just wasting money.

If you've never been tested for gluten related issues ask your doctor to do a wheat zoomer test. Other issues that can cause tingling are vitamin B, magnesium, and potassium definiciencies, and diabetes.

The tingling might be related to your osteoporosis, but just make sure you have your doctor check out a variety of things. When I first noticed the tingling I was really scared that I had MS, which fortunately, I don't have, but if your tingling is diet (vitamin) related there might be an "easy" fix for it.


As you can see by the replies, there could be many reasons for your symptoms. Suggest you ask for further investigation.

I have osteoarthritis with lumbar spinal compression due to aging and normal wear and tear. Nothing of any major concern according to the docs. Have a lot of leg issues and often mild numbness down the right leg. I was first tested for circulation issues in my legs and then X-Rays and CT scan of my back.

After studying the reported findings from the docs, I did some reading and investigating of possible causes of my symptoms and recommended treatments. Exercising and strengthening the muscle of the lower back has helped considerably.

This site was of particular help to me:

However, a full assessment of your symptoms is recommended before you start any treatment program.

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thanks for the info.

I got tingling and numbness in the my right hand that started last year. I went to an osteopath and because the pain seemed to migrate to different muscles in my arm/shoulder then into my hand I I went to the doctor. She ruled out that I had OA and said I had carpal tunnel syndrome said I should wear a hand splint and referred me for physio. The triage physio said that I did not have carpal tunnel syndrome that it was a referred pain from my shoulder/rotator cuff and sent me some a link for some exercises. I still keep getting the numbness and tingling in my right hand, I sometimes think it has tot better and then it starts back up again.

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I too was passed around the system after tingling and numbness in my right hand. First it was carpal tunnel, then physio, steroid injections that were not given at the last moment as considered problem was in the ulna, (elbow). Referred to arm and shoulder specialist, nothing doing, thinks it is my neck, would I like a referral to a neck surgeon? I said no but wish I had gone, at least he would have told me of my cervical compressions and eventual collapse.

My feet are the same but I know they are from my spinal collapses so not holding out much hope.

I also have tingling and numbness in my feet although thankfully the sciatic pain has gone. Please do ask your gp for a spinal xray to see if you have any compressions.

I had a lumber spine collapse first which gradually worsened and made me urinary incontinent. I was told a splinter of bone was pressing on the nerve which relays the signals to tell your brain your bladder is full. I had no sensations there at all.

Fortunately as my spine is mending albeit in an odd position, the splinter has healed and I can feel when I need to go.

I had an xray first then an MRI. The MRI appointments secretary told me it would be a waste of time as it was probably only muscles!! Fortunately the pain and embarrassing incontinence made me insist. I felt like asking her when and where did she earn her medical degree!!

In all seriousness, do not let this go on, there is something definitely wrong which could get worse without treatment.

Thanks the thing is like you i dont want to make too much of a fuss but it seems if you dont start demanding they send you for tests or whatever you need then you are just left to it, and at the moment i really dont know whats causing the problems or how serious they may be.

I recently started to have issues with walking for more than 10 minutes before I needed to rest. My lower part of legs felt very heavy. I messaged my GP and told her of my symptoms and she asked to see me. She organised a Doppler scan, chest X-ray, ECG and bloods. She wanted to rule out any circulation problems. All came back OK. By this time my symptoms were getting worse. Numbness in toes as well as the other symptoms. I messaged her an update while we waited for the results of the above and made another appointment to see her. She’d done some thinking about my issues and thought perhaps it could be spinal stenosis. I recently had had a MRI on the thoracic area to check for further fractures. My GP emailed my consultant (osteoporosis) to see if he could arrange a MRI on my lumbar area. She said it would be quicker if he was able to arrange because if she did it it could take time as I would have had to go through the triage etc. I saw her on the Tuesday and had a call Saturday evening to go in on Sunday to have an MRI! It normally takes 20 minutes to have the scan done but it took 45 minutes-not sure if that’s good or bad! We’re now waiting for the results. It says on my hospital portal that results are pending and will be available for me to see on the 12th June. Bit of background I’ve had several spinal fractures due to osteoporosis which still gives me pain. When talking with my GP we discussed that when you have a particular long term condition like osteoporosis it’s too easy to put down any other health issues down to that condition. Bit like people saying “it’s your age” 😠 I consider myself extremely lucky that I have a very proactive GP and consultant. Now it’s a case of watch this space….Definitely push for further investigation and don’t take no for an answer. We shouldn’t have to do it but with what’s been happening the past couple of years it’s vital to have your health investigated. Unfortunately it’s those that shout the loudest that will be listened to. I hope you get some answers soon. Living with osteoporosis is bad enough without having possibly other health issues that may or may not be related to osteoporosis. Good luck.

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Thanks,i think your right if you dont stand up for yourself you just get ignored,hope things work out for you and the results are good fingers crossed.

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