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Dental problems and Osteopania

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Hi, this is possibly an odd question but does anyone out there have any issues with their teeth? I have Osteopania thanks to the steroids and in the last month or so I have had 2 crowns fall out and an abscess form above another crown which is requiring surgery to treat. I asked the dentist but he didn't seem to think it was linked. I'm not so sure so I thought I'd as the experts! I'm taking Prednisilone, alendronic acid and evacal plus just been given nasal spray mometasone furoate for chronic rhinitis. Also other meds I've taken long term!

11 Replies
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Osteopenia/Osteoporosis can cause dental problems and it could well be a dentist that may be the first person to mention that you should perhaps be checked out for this condition.

The nasal spray mometasone will not help towards bone health if taken for a long period of time and nor will taking prednisone either if taken for any length of time. Sometimes of course, we have to take certain medications even if there is the unfortunate possibility of picking up another condition whilst doing so.

You can of course always give the NOS helplines a call and speak with a nurse who will be able to answer your questions much better than I am able. FREEPHONE: 0808 800 0035

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Hi Judith yes I have had dental problems whilst on osteoporosis treatment. I got a gum infection and a loose tooth that needed extraction. My dentist refused to remove it and I ended up paying to have it extracted at a private hospital. Very expensive !

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I’m taking alendronic acid and had been worrying about dental problems. I felt reassured yesterday when I saw the dentist who told me that loads of his patients and a few staff were taking it and he had never seen any problems in the practice. I’d maybe give the NOS nurses a ring for a chat. Good luck

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Thanks for that. I'm back seeing my own dentist today so will have a chat with him too

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lolly64 in reply to JudithC

Hi Judith this will be my fourth week on AA before I began taking I had a dental appointment anyway our dentist is brilliant, I told him I was worried, he said it's invasive surgery, or if you need a tooth out as in possibly infection he x rayed all my teeth, BUT what I would say is last year I had fillings breaking its the first time I've ever had any trouble but my dentist said your fillings are very old which they are and each time it was hard food so maybe if you've had crowns in for long while they only have a certain shelf life I believe, it's probably coincidence, I have found I'm having bone pains and aches on AA but am trying to persevere give it a while to settle, OP nurses are very good give them a call but they said the same as my dentist oh and also my dentist said the bisphosonates that are injected or infused are worse for teeth problems. Hope you get your reassurance good luck

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JudithC in reply to lolly64

Hi lolly64 i think what you are saying is along the lines of what my dentist said. Crowns and fillings don't last for ever and he suspects I grind my teeth. Still not fully convinced based on the experiences people have shared with me so far but I'll take his word for it for now! Take care

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Hi Judith like you I am taking prednisolone which I have been taking for 18months during this time I have had five abscess in my mouth and have had four extraction I also developed abscess on my body I am having six monthly injection of Denosumab thank goodness I haven’t had any more abscess since February it appears that as I reduce the prednisolone (I am now on 8mg) and reducing by 1mg every month

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Hi mollyemma thanks for that. I've been on Prednisilone since March 2017 and currently reduced to 2mg. I've seen my dentist this afternoon and he assures me that all this happening at once is more likely coincidence. I'm not totally convinced but will take bus word for it now! I really hope you don't have any more abscesses x

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Hello Judith! I’ve had a similar problem. I was eating a sandwich and half of my tooth fell out. I spoke to my dentist and osteoporosis specialist who assured me that the two were not connected. I have to have all my wisdom teeth and 2 others taken out. So is was a real concern. At 24 I dont want to have all my teeth falling out and needing false ones. Hope everything works out for you x

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JudithC in reply to ChrissieJ93

Hi Chrissie, I also spoke with my dentist and he said there is no link and it is more about slow healing if a tooth is removed. I'm still not convinced given the feedback on here! Anyhow I've had to have a procedure called an apiciotomy and have stitches in my gum which is really great for weight loss!! I'm sure the experts know what they are talking about and the important thing is to keep smiling 😁😁

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Research alendronic acid.

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