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breathing problems

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I have had three upper back fractures which have healed but in a different position I find I can walk only short distances but my breathing is getting worse . Does anyone know if this is due to the fractures compressing the spine and if it is can anything be done about it . I,ve lost an inch and a half in height.

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I imagine it probably has something to do that with your fractures.It would probably be worth contacting your doctor or if you are attending a hospital speaking to which ever department is looking after your osteoporosis. I know when I was first diagnosed there was a osteoporosis physiotherapist who was extremely helpful.

I didn’t need help with my broken wrist but when she phoned to find out how I was getting on I told her that my wrist was fine but I had developed CRPS which is really nasty - my GP couldn’t/wouldn’t refer me for the help I really needed and it was the osteoporosis physio who got me sorted out so, if you can make contact with someone like that then I’m sure you would find that helpful.

The other thing you could do is to call the ROS helpline and see what they can advise.

Hi Molly. I’ve had seven spinal fractures and I’ve got the same problem. I went into hospital with my breathing being bad and my back hurting. At the time I already had three fractures. I had a scan and when they came round to tell me the results they said it’s not your lungs. I’m afraid you’ve got four more fractures. I still get very breathless if I do things. Washing up is the worst. I have now got myself a small dishwasher but I still have to wash large things and my cats dishes. Have you had your lungs checked out? Not that I think there would be a problem. Of course we loose height with fractures that could mean you’ve got less room for your lungs to breathe. I’ve lost three inches. I don’t think they will do any ops unless it’s absolutely necessary. You are the first person after me that has got the problem of breathing. Maybe more will come on and say they’ve got the same problem. Let us know how you get on.

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Molly6460 in reply to Mavary

Thanks for your reply I.m fine when sitting and lying down it.s worse when I.m walking. I.m going to try and speak to the doctor and see if I can get some answers . If the breathlessness is due to the fractures do you know if anything can be done about it .

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I don’t think so unless it’s touching the spinal cord in which case you would really be in trouble. I’ve had some of my fractures for four years now. The ones that cause my breathlessness are the higher ones which happened last year. I managed to walk around a block today which I haven’t done in a long time. I was really pleased with myself. I’ve got myself a scooter so if I want to go round the shops I can use that. It does improve but not to the extent it will be 100 per cent again.

Have a word with your Dr by all means as you never know if another one has gone. The other thing you can do and I’ve found them brilliant is talk to The Osteoporosis Society.

Yes I too have breathing problems from 6 fractures & kyphosis which squashes lungs etc. so restricting expansion.I get breathless from small exertions,can only do things for a few minutes.My asthma also reared its head this year.Nothing can be done for me so I don’t push myself too much.I can get a lot done in little bites.We’re all different do I would def tell your doc how it’s affecting you.X

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