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Spinal fractures and digestive problems

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I would be interested to hear how others manage the digestive problems which arise as a result of internal organs being 'squashed' by the height reductions which can occur with spinal fractures.

Eating small meals is not a problem, I was always a 'grazer' rather than a big meal eater, and I do try to avoid foods which have a tendency to result in indegestion etc but I feel that it would be useful to share the experience of others in a similar situation.

I find that my pilates exercises also assist in 'stretching out' the available midriff space (as well as seriously helping to build up those essentil core muscles), and the regular walking and general activity assist the general digestive functions. But i still experience some unpleasant symptoms from time to time and would appreciate suggestions of strategies that have worked for others.

I am sure that I am not alone in experiencing these aspects of osteoporosis and any advice or suggestions could help others too.

13 Replies
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Hi oldcrocrunner

I have unfortunately lost 6 inches in height but as yet do not suffer any digestive problems. I am praying I do not lose more height.

I eat large meals, always have done, so no change there. ;) I do not graze except perhaps in the evening, after my meal. I have always done stretching exercises daily and still continue them and also strengthen my stomach muscles. I do tai chi but not in a class anymore but again daily. I only do it for about 6 minutes as that is how long the tai chi for arthritis takes on the dvd. I enjoy doing that at the end of my daily exercises which I do first thing in the morning. I walk and always want to do at least 10,000 steps. I hoop for 40 minutes as well as I enjoy that. Not sure what good it does on the health front but must be better than sitting or lying down! So I am not sure that helps you in any way but fingers crossed, so far so good on the digestive front for me and long may that last. I hate how I now look and it is difficult to know what to wear for the best, but I keep busy and do not dwell on it too much. I cannot do anything about it. It is what it is. :)

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oldcrocrunner in reply to Kaarina

Hi Kaarina

Thanks for your reply. It's good to hear that you use exercise too to make the best of your osteoporosis issues. I'm sure that a positive attitude helps, as you say, things are what they are, we can't change them but we can try to not let them take over our lives.

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Kaarina in reply to oldcrocrunner

Hi oldcrocrunner, oh that is what I do. I will not let my conditions rule me .... and hopefully they never will. I have osteo arthritis as well and had numerous joint operations and am at the moment having to do physio exercises for my shoulder after having it in a sling 10 weeks post op, the operation was to try to mend/repair my deltoid muscle after a Total Shoulder Replacement in 2015. I am at the bottom of the hill with the physio for that and hope there may be some improvement eventually. That reminds me I had better go and do the second batch of exercises and the third batch will have to be done later on this evening. It is fitting the exercises in that I find difficult as well as doing them. ;)

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oldcrocrunner in reply to Kaarina

You obviously, like me, believe in the benefits of a busy life. I frequently have to fit my exercises in at odd times but I know how much better I'll feel when I've done them. Good luck with your current physio.

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I have got 'squashed organs' as a result of height loss and agree that stretching exercises, and exercise generally, have helped to lift my ribs up and away from them. I don't get digestive problems as much as I did until recently but, when it was really bad, I started each day with a glass of hot water and lemon juice before eating or drinking anything else. I used to wait until after I'd eaten before attempting to drink orange juice as that seemed to set things off! It's ok now and I can start the day with juice like I used to! Wine affects me adversely now, so I only have the tiniest glass with a meal now and then. Some foods seem to trigger indigestion. I started eating brazil nuts for selenium but they give me heartburn. The difficult thing is that things that upset me don't always upset me! My insides are a bit of a mystery really.

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I had horrendous digestive problems but these were to do with the medication rather than anything else, I was prescribed a drug to help and worked a miracle until after three months i asked for another prescription and was told they dont ususally given them out longterm because of the risk of developing parkinsons. Like ive enough to cope with and feel i should of been told this before starting them, but might be something to consider. Hope you get settled x

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CBski in reply to mandynelson50

I am having horrible digestive problems. Do you remember what RX you were given?

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Kaarina in reply to CBski

Would drinking some kefir daily help?

Unfortunately I get a lot of wind - which goes down rather than up. Burping is one thing, but the alternative is another matter altogether!!

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Kaarina in reply to

Taking kefir daily may help. :)

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I too suffer with bad digestion cannot eat large meals, as I get full. Quite quickly. So I have much smaller meals and try not to eat after 7pm. I have 7 spinal fractures and in pain 24/7. I have had cement in T11 and 12, but now my spine is bending over. I'm about to have my 3rd infusion of zoladronic Acid. One more thing I have trouble finding clothes that fit as my tummy is so big due to the spinal fractures. Like the new website, I did use the old one and was a member for a few years. Got to make a few friends on the website, which is so good. Best wishes xx

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CBski in reply to Pudseybear

We are very similar. I had bone cement in 3 of my 7 fractures. Am having horrible digestive problems. Got any tips?

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Hello oldcrocrunner,

My internal organs are very squashed due to my loss of height and stooped posture. It causes discomfort when I move around, and I get acid reflux every night when I lie down, even if I wait more than 3 hours before lying down since my last meal. I try to combat that by having an antacid tablet at bedtime. Although I don't have much body fat, my abdomen is very big due to my internal organs bulging outwards, and I have a horizontal groove across the front of my waist with my innards bulging out above and below. My skin down inside the groove gets sore due to chafing and I have to carefully wash the groove to keep it clean. I have noticed I always feel better after opening my bowels (which obviously removes unnecessary extra bulk from my abdominal regions) so I eat a high fibre diet to try to keep myself going daily if possible.

I walk 4 miles a day and I try to do pelvic floor exercises frequently. I'm not sure if any other types of exercises would help.

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