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Hi all, I had a dexa scan in April which came back with a t score of -3.9 and a diagnosis of osteoporosis of the spine. I already knew I had a compression fracture of L2 vertebrae after an x-ray.

Doctor prescribed alendronic acid and vit d3 but I stopped the alendronic acid because it made my IBS worse and I worried going out anywhere there might not be a toilet. I now have an appointment with the bone specialist due soon to discuss the 6 monthly injection but after having 3 teeth removed the dentist said the injections can be worse for your teeth. Then 4 weeks ago I fell getting out of the car and fractured my shoulder.

So undecided wether to try the injections or try to improve my bones through diet and exercise

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I am sorry you are having so many problems. It does seem that many people cannot tolerate AA - I elected not to take it after much investigation and presently use supplements (calcium, magnesium, vit k2-7, vit D work for me) and exercise to manage my osteoporosis. You will get lots of good advice here but please ensure that you have been tested - simple bloods to indicate the calcium level- for hyperparathyroidism. It’s a common cause of the disease and so often overlooked or missed. Good luck to you.

Hi, I was diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism a while ago but all tests for ceoliac etc have come back negative so I'm not on any treatment. A thyroid scan showed I have a 36mm multi nodular goiter but after a nuclear scan that's not the cause of my hyperthyroidism.I've had blood tests for a range of things like graves disease etc but all clear

I agree with t1gernidster. Supplements and get blood tests done to rule out hyperparathyroidism which is a direct cause of osteoporosis and kidney stones

I managed to stay on Alendronic Acid for 2and a half years but couldn’t wait to come off it. I stopped taking it in May this year.

I was diagnosed Coeliac in 2014 and I would advise you to get checked for that also. Initially it is checked by a simple blood test. Then you may have to have an endoscopy.

Exercise, weight bearing, is very important to help build up your bones. Use it or lose it.

I walk 3 to 5 miles every day.

I bring a stick if walking in rough terrain. Falls need to be avoided at all costs. We need to be a lot more careful how we go because of our bone health. Move any trip hazards at home.

I don’t take supplements apart from vit D3 in winter. I eat a very well balanced diet and make my own kefir but you may need to take vit K3. Prunes are a valuable source of Boron which is an essential mineral for bone health.

Good luck and stay safe.

You need to seriously consider Forteo. I have IBS and Gerd and -3.9 lumbar just like you. I inject myself nightly for 11 months now, no problems. It builds bone and improves density and quality of bone. When athletes fracture, a lot of times a they will be put on Forteo in order for the fracture to heal more quickly. When I’m done with my two years, I plan on using Reclast to hold my gains. Prolia is the one drug that I refuse to use.

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May I ask you how you were able to get Forteo. I have a spine bone density of -4.6 and two spinal fractures and the metabolic bone consultation can't get approval unless I take and FAIL Prolia first, ie, have to have another fracture whilst on Prolia,then he plans to put me on both at the same time as he says it has better outcome. I don't have a history of stomach ulcers nor difficulty swallowing, so he says this rules me out for the criteria for Forteo.I also do not want to use Prolia so I am not on any medication.

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M3745 in reply to Miniver

I was told that because of my Gerd, I wouldn’t be able to take any of the oral medications. That left only Forteo, Reclast, or Prolia. He felt and I agreed that Forteo would be the best place to start and because my osteoporosis was severe enough I qualified. My doctor handled it all and I was approved within days. I suppose it depends also on your insurance and which country you are in. I’m in the United States. Can I ask where you are from?

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Miniver in reply to M3745

The UK....and private health insurance companies here won't fund osteoporosis treatment.

My Endrocrinologist put me on prolia for my osteoporosis in the spine.. find a good endocrinologist you like.. so you can better make a informed decision

Oh my, that’s really unfortunate. Good luck to you, I hope something gets worked out for you.

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