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Vitamins to take osteoporosis

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What vitamins do you take?

I take calcium/vit d3, magnesium, vitamin c&zinc combined and glucosamine.

Would a Vitamin K2 or boron be beneficial?

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Definitely take K2-Mk7.

I take what you take but I vary my D3 strength depending on what my D3 results are, I take 300mcg calcium citrate separately from D3 to top up my dietary calcium - didn’t get on with the calcium I got from my GP and I also take an omega 3 Algae oil. Also take vitamin C with zinc.

At the moment I’m taking boron but I’m about to switch to a trace elements capsule which includes boron and some other minerals. I’m taking COQ10 at the moment and a vitamin B multivitamin although I wouldn’t normally take multivitamins. Basically I think I rattle.

I try to eat as much veg as I can, mushrooms and lots of green leafy veg like kale and broccoli, lots of eggs, salmon, chicken, a bit of lamb and seeds and nuts like almonds and Brazil nuts, also dried figs and oranges which according to the ROS diet sheet are good sources of calcium.

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MiniMum97 in reply to Fruitandnutcase

What’s the trace elements capsule you are going to take?

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Definitely Vitamin K2. There doesn't seem to be a RDA but some time ago I read that Australia recommended 180 mcg per day. I take two doses of 100 mcg per day, so close. I have also found my teeth are no longer super sensitive, and I think this can be credited at least in part to Vitamin K2. Took a while, months not days, with continual improvement over the years.

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I take more or less the same as you, but only a tiny amount of calcium to top up what I get from diet, and both K2-MK7 and boron. I take 4000iu daily of Vitamin D because I need that much to keep my blood level over 100nmol/litre (40ng/ml), but you can only tell how much you need by regular blood tests. Some people need far less than that.

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Yes. I take k2 as it directs the calcium away from your arteries into your bones. See the Facebook group vitamin d and it’s co-factors.

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3mg of boron helps the half life of vit d3 . If you are taking calcium and magnesium they should be taken as a ratio of 2:1 meaning if you take 1000mg calcium you should take 500mg magnesium

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