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K2 tablets


I usually buy Better You k2 spray. Daily oral 180 ug a day.

Looking on line saw k2 tablets. Health For All vit k2 mk7 200mcg £7.99.

Anyone tried them? Unsure about mcg compared with ug.


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As far as I know u is the Roman alphabet way (for convenience not because it represents the same sound) of writing the Greek letter mu; mcg is the same as ug.

Justme13 in reply to HeronNS


HeronNS in reply to Justme13

FYI I take Vitamin K2 capsules, 100 mcg twice a day, and I have noticed that my teeth which used to be very sensitive are very much less so now. I suppose this means better dental health from that supplement. :)

Justme13 in reply to HeronNS

Yes, after taking k2 oral spray 180mcg per day, I can now tolerate the cold water spray at the dentist during cleaning.The 200mcg n tablet form will be slightly more.

Hi Heron,This is incorrect, please have a look at my reply for explanation.

Sorry Heron,I misread the mcg for mg!!

Yes, Heron is correct, ug and mcg are the same.

Justme13 in reply to Met00

Thank you both.I’ll go ahead and buy them. Seems a good price for 90 tablets.

Sunseaandsand in reply to Met00

Please see my reply.

Sunseaandsand in reply to Met00

This is incorrect information.

Hi, ug is micrograms (greek letter mu) and mg is milligrams.Micro is 1 millionth of a gram and milli is one thousandth of a gram.

I suppose taking it orally not all of it will be absorbed and and a lot will just pass through the body.

Met00 in reply to Sunseaandsand

As you say, mg is milligrams, but mcg is micrograms, the same as ug.

Sunseaandsand in reply to Met00

Sorry misread the mcg as mg.It is too early in the morning for me!!

I’m taking 5,000 mcg of K2-7 three times a day. This is the dose that produced results in Japan.

Met00 in reply to Fracturegirl

That's a huge dose! I'm interested in the studies you mention, but can't find any detail online. Do you have any links please?

I can’t remember where I found the study online. It was in Japan and it said that 15 milligrams which equals 45,000 micrograms divided into three doses each day was the dose that showed results in fewer fractures during the study. I buy Relentless brand K-2 Menatetrenone 90 capsules. It lasts one month. It’s expensive but I don’t spend money on going out or shopping anymore because I’m physically unable to do much. The dose is one 15,000 mcg with each meal because it doesn’t last long once it’s ingested. The natural way to get this is natto a fermented Japanese food.

Are in the uk? If so, may I ask which seller/shop you use?

I’m in they US and buy them in Amazon.

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