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Prolia adverse side effects

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Have you had a Prolia shot(S) and lost your quality of life; and your doctor tells you that it's all in your head; that it has nothing to do with the shot? Well it's a business for them it's an evil drug that needs to be removed from the market

Please e mail me if you have been harmed by the Prolia shot. I am looking for people to join in a class action as Prolia has destroyed my life.

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Prolia ruined the quality of my life and I have often dreamed of sueing the manufacturers but, sadly, it won’t bring my bones back. Compensation would help to pay for all the disability aids I now require after multiple spinal fractures after stopping the drug.

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Badsideeffects in reply to Osteo

This site will not let me see your full response.I understand that money is nothing compared to quality of our health that we had before we blindly let our dr talk us into these killer shots. I hate my constant back spine pain. Please I hope we can connect as I'd like to get people to join me in a class action Prolia needs to be removed from the market as it is very dangerous and killing people.

How do you know you have spinal fractures? Is that what my nightmare pain is all about. What kind of tests show that you have fractures?

It is against forum rules to post an email address. This is for your own security and hopefully it will soon be removed by an administrator. You can edit your own post and remove it before anyone else does should you so wish. (Item 9)

Can you please post the complete web site for people who have stopped Prolia. The does not bring up Prolia info. My Dr says the site is not complete address. Thank you so much for your helpful information.

I did not post a link to a website regarding any Prolia information.

There is no lawyer that will take your case. I also suffer many side effects from Prolia and my quality of life is in shambles. I will never take Prolia again!!! No class action suit will work for us.

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Allie2013 in reply to badprolia


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Hidden in reply to Osteo

This problem (early vertebral or pelvic fractures after discontinuation of Prolia)

seems to be the dirty little problem that Amgen was aware of well before the black box warnings came into effect. In the meantime countless sufferers are sustaining unexplainable fractures of the vertebrae, and in my case my sacrum as well.

The drop in bone density (after Prolia discontiuation) with out switching to an alternative modality is well understood and has been for some time. I was never warned of this 1.5 years ago, and as a result am suffering the consequences. When I started Prolia, no warning was given. I would like to poll this group to get some idea of those affected in different locals...i.e Canada/England/U.S./other.

I believe there is a strong case for a class action suit where there were no warnings from the manufacturer or those Doctors prescribing for big pharma.

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Viazoy in reply to Hidden

It happened to me. Short delay occasioned during change of doctors by the medical center resulting in three fractures. No warning. I’d be interested in class action.

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Allie2013 in reply to Hidden

It happened to me. I have multiple vertebral fractures. I live in the US in Tennessee.

I'm 70 years old and my doctor put me on HRT. It will take a while for my bones to improve (I, too, have osteoporosis), but I will not take those other meds. Tried thanks. I know most doctors freak out about putting women on hormone replacement therapy if they're through the menopause, but I found one kind soul who I convinced to put me on them. This is my 3rd month and I've never felt better in my life! Yes..there are risks, just like with any other meds...I'll take my chances with the HRT. Those bone meds can cause terrible side effects, including jaw fractures and thigh bones breaking for no other reason than the bone drugs...just my humble opinion.

Thank you Sweet Susie. You are 200% right. I wish I had advice and Dr like you do. You are very wise. Thanks for taking the time to share. Never ever do Prolia. All best health you. Do you do magnesium with your calcium n vitamin D? Magnisuim helps process calcium.

All best, Elizabeth

Yes, Badesideefects...I do take magnesium with my Vit. calcium, though. You're supposed to take Vit. K2 with calcium, because the K2 helps the calcium go to your bones instead of your blood system or something. I can only take so many things! Good health to you, too. Doctors are way too cautious with the HRT, I believe. They worry about us getting breast cancer or stroking out, but they have no problems with us shattering our jaw bones and our thighs, I guess....go figure, huh?

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I am on Reclast and HRT and am nearing 62. My doctors agreed that Prolia has too many risks and that my chances were better with HRT. That's pretty sad. I did hear, however, that if a person discusses an intelligent exist strategy with Prolia, the nasty side effects can be avoided. That is worth considering. I know many people who are on Prolia and have had no problems at all.

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This problem (early vertebral or pelvic fractures after discontinuation of Prolia)

seems to be the dirty little problem that Amgen was aware of well before the black box warnings came into effect. In the meantime countless sufferers are sustaining unexplainable fractures of the vertebrae, and in my case my sacrum as well.

The drop in bone density (after Prolia discontiuation) with out switching to an alternative modality is well understood and has been for some time. I was never warned of this 1.5 years ago, and as a result am suffering the consequences. When I started Prolia, no warning was given. I would like to poll this group to get some idea of those affected in different locals...i.e Canada/England/U.S./other.

I believe there is a strong case for a class action suit where there were no warnings from the manufacturer or those Doctors prescribing for big pharma.

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Allie2013 in reply to Hidden

Where can I find the black box warnings?

Get it from Amgen. They Are located in thousand oaks California. I will try to find the phone number for you

After 3 Injections of Prolia (during an eighteen month period, starting March, 2017), I think I have finally put 2&2 together! With a previous healthy life-style (I am 71, male), over this same time period, I have developed a few unexplained health problems. After a trip to FL and a lot of exposure to the sun in early 2017, I developed what I thought was a bad sunburn (very blotchy skin which never went away). After a year and two more trips to FL, I finally consulted a Dermatologist (Derick Dermatology) 3mos. ago and was diagnosed with Vitiligo (a rare auto-immune skin disease, <5% pop.). Also a freak broken foot in Oct. 2017.

I think my problems with retinal tears, which began in late 2016, and ultimately led to a detached retina in my rt eye in Oct. 2017 which left me with distorted vision, were exacerbated by the effects of Prolia. I had over a dozen retinal procedures in 2016-2017.

Most recently, I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease by an Endocrinologists (this month). Finally, after frequent muscle cramps (legs) & extremely itchy skin (arms), rashes & blisters, I have decided never to take Prolia again (next inj. due in September, 2018)!

I think all these issues are related to a compromised immune system, and lowered healing response. Therefore, I am investigating legal action (against AMGEN and medical practice prescribing this powerful drug).

Would you be willing to accept this case?

PS: IL has very "limited" Statute of Limitations (2yrs), so time could be an issue.


West Dundee, IL

Yes I am looking for atty or class action. Amgen needs to be stopped.

I've always said, whatever your medical propensity may be, get a prolia shot and it will bring issue to pass. Prolia has destroyed my life. I have such horrible back pain issues that I have to stay in bed I have no life Elizabeth

Liz, sorry to hear about your back issues. I too hav been contacting lawyers to take on AMGEN for my Autoimmune issues, but without any luck. They hav all declined due to the Long Lists of Disclaimers (possible side effects); its a shopping list for the drug company, and a misleading, misfortune for the consumer!

If you have any luck with any lawyer, please let me know (to join in); and I will as well,

What state are u in, Liz?

I'm in Florida. This site will not post my replies

Liz, I am seeing your Replys on the Website.

Hi. I’m in Florida

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HeronNS in reply to snodog47

One of the first concerns from the "alternative" crowd was the effect denosumab has on the immune system. The rebound osteoporosis issue has tended to shove that concern into the background, but your post certainly makes it seem as though those early concerns were not unfounded.

Hi, I have come across this post as a result of a recent post I have put on to which Badsideeffects has replied to.

I am very intetested in what you were saying about blotchy skin.

I had one Prolia shot last year and have had numerous problems since.

I too have now noticed my skin has become blotchy.

The best way to describe this is I always have a light tan during the colder months but now have white blotches mostly like circles.

Please let me know if yours has now resolved and how long it took to do so.

I have never taken any medication for osteoporosis. Owing to an erroneous diagnosis a few years ago I became very interested in the subject, and by the time the diagnosis was corrected from osteoporosis to low bone mass I had accumulated a fair amount of information. So I would not be part of any class action suit.

Oh that's terrific. Glad you are not involved in Prolia side effects. Be well. Elizabeth

For patients in the US:

Hi. I came off prolia and had 6 rebound vertebral fractures and sternum and rib . Was no warned. It is now a known side effect that they are not alerrting people to.

No one told me it was all in my head, but Prolia definitely ruined my quality of life.

And the docs who give it to me are not much help in picking up the pieces. I've been left pretty much on my own to pull together a rehab plan for myself, and there's little or no compensation for the physical therapy and many other expenses this has entailed. (Fractures confirmed by MRI).

I have muliple rebound fractures from prolia are you considering class action as they make a massive amount of money and no warnings..

I’m so sorry for your problems caused by Prolia shots. It’s the devil drug. I’ve tried and Amgen is too powerful Very sad that the FDA does not step in and stop the use of this drug. I wish you well And pray you’ll be healed.

What is your email? I am in Canada and am in touch with a class actions lawyer whose company is linked to an American firm.

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Kaarina in reply to DianeBM

It is best to use the private messaging service to discuss email addresses. This is for members own security. Click on Chat to private message another member. It is against forum rules to put email addresses on the forum.

Any luck getting a group .class action.together re prolia I have multiple fractures caused by it with no warnings given to me. Lots of doctors pharmacists etc. still unaware or not adequately warning patients. Do you all realise it is a recycled cancer drug and there are milloins of mainly ,women being injected including old ladies in nursing homes If they get any adverse effect and there are many, and have to come off this poison...and the medical profession doesnt know what to prescribe afterwards ( ..which it doesnt.) ..imagine the pain and suffering...of older people in particular....They now want men on it . We need compensation and it needs never to be prescribed for suggested by the French publication Prescrire which has identified it as doing more harm than good for a few years now.

Yes, one Prolia shot has affected my whole life and I would love to join in a class action lawsuit. It has affected my entire immune system and the side effects of weight loss (15 lbs so far), watery diarrhea, severe gut cramping, cold spells, hot flashes (that were officially over 10 years ago), etc.

I’m so sorry regarding all your terrible health issues. I have not looked at this site for ages. I just decided to post something and it came up. I will continue to read other responses and perhaps we can do something or not. I am bedridden in constant pain. My doctor doesn’t give a c... I’m 73 years old so he referred me to a hospice. Because I’m in pain I should be put down? As a result of a drug that my endocrinologist prescribed Is the miracle fix. When I told him it felt like my body was eating itself at first when this started happening he told me I need to go on headpills. If you know what I mean. The medical care in Florida is awful. Dr. stick together. Then I got forwarded to neurologist who prescribed a pill worse than Prolia Levodopa carbidopa. A very addictive pill and awful and cannot withdraw from. Two years ago I was working out at the gym three times a week? I have the original brochure that Amgen put out it does not state that they would be back problems potential. They added that after people started complaining to the FDA.

Well done! Go for it! I wish you all the best; this really needs to happen. People need to be told that they will not have to pay a lawyer in a class action suit. The payment comes out of the settlement if they win. You will get more people interested in this as many will think they can’t afford a law suit. Best of luck!

Is Prolia the same as Alendronic acid ? I could write a book about the dangers of that and the lasting results eg femur fractures, spinal crushed vertebrae etc. I can’t believe it is still being prescribed.


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RCarole in reply to renniesue

I agree. I have worked in the medical field for decades and I don’t know why I was stupid enough to not do deep research about Prolia myself instead of listening to that dr. He convinced me to try the shot a second time and my health has been going downhill since. Now just working on my own for osteoporosis.

I now have Osteonecrosis of the jaw as a result of needing a tooth extracted after my 3rd Prolia shot in June 2018. I refused the 4th Prolia shot in October 2018, and as recently as this February they were still removing more dead jaw bone that pushes itself to the surface of the gums. This is an ongoing nightmare, and my oral surgeon is confident this condition is the direct result of the Prolia.

I had a badly needed hip replacement on April 26, 2019. I have not taken any replacement drugs after stopping Prolia, and I still use a special mouth rinse on the open jaw area. I fear the tooth next to this open area is slowly losing surrounding jaw bone and tissue. I am not wanting any dental work done now since I am just 2 months from hip surgery. Thankfully, I had no fractures during hip surgery, and I am walking normally.

It has been almost 9 months since I missed my last Prolia shot. Some days I feel like I am a walking time bomb. I fear a jaw infection, I fear rebound fractures, but I fear even more going back on any of those drugs. For me it is calcium, vit. D and good eating habits, and when I see my doctor next I will ask her about adding vit K.

Those bone enhancement drugs are a trap. They tell you you must remain on one of them for the rest of your life "or else". We are the guinea pig generation. The drug companies don't have long term studies. Your doctors don't have any good answers. I wish I never took Prolia. What a nightmare! Not worth it ladies.

Be sure your doctor understands it is VITAMIN K2 you want. This is not the same as K1, which your doctor should know is readily available in foods like leafy greens. As doctors are notoriously ill informed about nutrition don't be surprised if s/he knows little or nothing about Vitamin K2. If you decide to go ahead with taking supplements whatever the doctor says, I believe the Australians are the only country so far with a RDA, and that is for 180 mcg Vitamin K2-mk7. I take two 100 mcg capsules a day and have done for several years.

Here is a basic introduction:

I hope you get through this challenging time in better shape and I really hope the day will soon come when the use of denosumab is severely restricted, if it is not completely withdrawn.

Thanks heron. I am in Florida USA and get my K2 from “Lifesource Vitamins.” Their phone number is 800 567–8122

My sister is 65 and has no issues with Prolia. Injected 2X year. Sorry your chemistry and it's did not work well. I read everthing I could before starting Forteo and not Prolia. Was the better choice for me. Hope your MD re-evauates your situation and modifies and suggested another medication better suited for you. xoxo

You need to find the malpractice attorneys with a very good reputation and results. Know of several which practice in different states, Just realise, it is a worrisome, long term to ID enough patients, that have the effects experts are willing to dig in, and the attorneys will coup most of any monetary settlement or trial, The attorneys' fee is up to 40% of any money awarded, then the expenses are deducted, and what is left may not leave much for the actual sueing people who brought the suit together as harmed individuals. And that's the way law goes in a long term a very rough explaination. Wish were different. But just starts with one patirnet and one very good knowledgeable;e attorney......and years of the hurting patient-claimants.

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