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New here Prolia side effects

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Hello friends, I got a Prolia shot a week ago. My doctor said, don't read the internet about side effects, at most you'll get a rash at the point of injection. Two days later I couldn't get out of bed. I was so weak, felt nauseous, my arms and back ached. I called her and she said, she'd never heard of this before (really) and felt the drug was so safe she gave it to her parents. After four days, I went to see my GP and he also said he'd been prescribing it for ten years and this report of side effects other than a transient rash was new to him. I still feel awful, the weakness comes in waves and the muscle pain in my back and shoulders is constant. My question for both of them was how long this might last, is it intermittent, will this reaction wear off after my body becomes accustomed to the drug. I wouldn't take it again...ever....but the possibility of fractures after getting off seems high and I can't imagine asking either doctor what might be the best solution to counteract that since neither of them will admit to any side effects. As I read other posts I sympathize and along with you all seem caught in a pharmaceutical con game.

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Hi, I think that you are right, we are all caught up in this pharmaceutical con game. my doctor told me that side effects are rare and her other patients have had great success with Prolia. I had a diagnosis of Osteoporosis due to a compression fracture in my T11 from a fall in 2015 and was prescribed Actenol (minimal side effects). In March of 2018 I woke up one morning with horrible back pain which turned out to be my second fracture in my T9 and due to no trauma. After x-rays and a BMD scan in May, I was told that the tests showed no improvement and that I was now high risk, it was suggested that Prolia would be an option. I decided to go ahead with Prolia with hopes that it would help me get through the pain that I was living with as the fracture hadn't healed in over 2 months. I had my first shot in June and I am now trying to figure out how to get off of Prolia, I have so much back pain that I can hardly function some days along with a few more side effects from this drug. I was also referred to a specialist at the bone clinic which was a huge disappointment with no answers to my questions or solutions to manage the pain. I am also seeing a physical therapist once a week trying to gain back my life.

Why is it that all the doctors in the World appear to be so ignorant when it comes to the awful side effects of these meds?? I don't get it and never will! There is no way I would EVER try these drugs again!

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LynneH-19 in reply to sweetsusie

I’m afraid that true flies out the window, when money appears at the door!

Be it, doctor’s, pharmaceutical or supplement companies.

Best wishes

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sweetsusie in reply to LynneH-19

Thanks, LynneH-19. I wish you the best, too!

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MiaLee in reply to sweetsusie

Because the doctors are basically mainly drug pushers for the pharmaceutical companies. Preventative medicine, and anything non drug as a remedy or treatment are almost extinct due to the pushing of drugs to solve and treat everything, even when evidence for their effectiveness is minimal. These companies fund the med schools, and therefore get to dictate the course of study in medicine. It’s a corporate takeover of government, society, and our very existence; all in the interests of maximizing corporate profit. Haven’t you noticed; this sickness of corporate greed is everywhere now. The so called ‘trade deals’ between countries are no more than a means to negate a country’s laws that might interfere with corporations and their profits ( that would be laws that protect the environment, citizens, etc). Corporations are allowed to sue the country ( ie: the taxpayers) if a country’s laws interfere with the corporations profits and potential profits. That’s one of the items in these trade agreements. ( I recently attended a protest in Toronto about this). It’s governments and politicians using political power to push through the agenda of big corporations and make laws, and deals, in the corporate interests, instead of in the interests of the people. We’ve been witnessing this train wreck for a long time now. It’s just that we are now experiencing the effects of this sort of agenda directly, instead of watching it hurt others. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, and at the root of almost everything going on today. Globalization really refers to corporate globalization without restraints. I just read an article in a journal recently that discussed Trump’s relaxing even further the requirements that allow drugs to get to market. Of course they phrase it as not ‘denying’ people treatment ( when the reality is that it means it can be useless and/ or dangerous but the drug will make onto the market anyway because there are even less protections in place now) . The corporations prey on the people. We are deceived, used, and abused.

Thank you for your first hand account. I have found that when you are told not to read the Internet, THAT IS WHEN YOU READ THE INTERNET.


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dancingfool in reply to HeronNS

Thanks for the info, lots of information.

Thank you for this info. Your reaction sounds more like the effects I was having; beware of after effects such as lowered immune response & slow healing processes. I also had some eye issues (increased floaters & retinal tears). If you notice any of these, see an eye specialist asap. This is the Big Pharma Con! Keep in touch.

This is scary I am seeing a consultant to ask for injections always been a doubtful about it

Can't tolerate AA

So confused which way to go help!!

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Kaarina in reply to Lilact

Hi Lilact, it is scary. I totally agree. I cannot suggest what you should do but I feel I had a very lucky escape from having the prolia injections. It was suggested that I do this in June of last year and on looking up the side effects and seeing that aches and pains was a possible side effect, I refused to go down this route. The consultant was fine with my decision when I saw him 6 months later, as I have aches and pains daily due to osteoarthritis. He then dropped the bomb shell about the possibility of rebound vertebral fractures on stopping the drug. He had recently been to a conference and heard about it.

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sweetsusie in reply to Lilact

My doctor allowed me to go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because I refused to take these awful bone meds. Maybe that would be an option for you, Lilact..I just don't know. I wish women were treated with more respect when it comes to their health issues...we've still got a long, long way to go for sure.

Thank you for your reply So when I see the specialist next week don't know what to ask for as now I don't think I want to take a chance on injections

I, too, have had bad side-effects. Go to the Mayo Clinic and enter Prolia side-effects. 3 pages worth, and I guess I've had about 1/2 of them. I'm now one-week into the 6th (and final) month post-first and only shot, and am a little better with some of what I experienced. I'll never take another injection. I've experienced bone pain in arms and thighs, muscle spasms in calves and feet, neuropathy that was mild (post-chemo in 2015 / 2016) got worse and went up my ankle and shin, rapid weigh gain, weakness, indigestion from time time, little red blotches /rash on my chin and around my mouth. I could go on and on....I guess some people have side-effects, and some don't. I'm done with Prolia.

I have had, and still am having though to a slightly lesser degree, severe lower back, thigh, upper arm pain from Prolia. I just reached the 6 month mark after my first shot and will not have another, nor any other pharmaceutical drug. Prior to the Prolia, I had on month of Forteo and had similar side effects! Now and then, in the onoine forums I'm on, someone says they've had no side-effects from it, and I'm glad for them. But the majority of folks on those sites have had nasty side-effects.

I did read that one doctor and osteo researcher says that the risk of fractures after only one shot is nil. After two or more shots, the risk is there.

Five weeks into my first and last shot. Just talked to Amgen, such a nice concerned person and so unhelpful. I was trying to get an answer to a simple question, which is how long does this fatigue, aching back pain and breathlessness last. When Amgen did their research they didn’t ask those questions apparently. The drug peaks at around four weeks and will leave the system in five months, I was told by the nice concerned person. Something to look forward too I suppose. The British Cancer Society said the fatigue can last a year after the last shot, My GP and the specialist who talked me into this poison both claim to have never heard of such side effects even though they are well documented. We are on our own. My sympathies and best wishes to all

If you are in the U.S., the U. S. Food and Drug Administration has a website for reporting adverse drug reactions.

It is pretty self-explanatory to use and has various options for health care professionals, consumers and patients. They may not respond specifically to your report but when similar reports begin to add up it may lead to new warnings on a drug or occasionally withdrawal of a drug from the market. If enough people report it can make a difference!

Also you can ask your doctor to report and this may carry more weight. But even if your doctor does not, you can do so.

I got my first injection last week. I'm 46 and have suffered multiple compression fractures over a year ago. I have been on Forteo twice. My doctor told me Prolia was extremely safe and not to worry about it despite my concerns. The very next day I could barely move my hands, my skin was on fire, my joints have been aching so badly like I have the flu. I feel like my quality of life was destroyed overnight and am now terrified of having this in my body and of rebound fractures. This is horrible and evil.

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AZsunrise in reply to sunny_rose

How do you feel now 2 months later? Any chance you would continue on Prolia? If not (and I can understand why you wouldn’t), what will you do? I have a similar situation. At 54 yrs old, a spontaneous rib fracture followed by a compression fracture (both last year). Didn’t want to go on meds, but tried Fosamax with horrible side effects. Now, after 6 months, doc wants to start Prolia and I am scared to try it. He stated the side effects are rare and dismissed my concerns. 🤔

Hello bottleneck. How are you coming along? I hope you are well and have not taken any more Prolia’s shots.

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