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Prolia shots two side effects


I have had two Prolia shots. Do you not listen to your doctors. Have they given the shots to themselves, their moms, their sisters? This is a very dangerous drug that never leaves your system and destroys the quality of your life. Yes it does make your bones harder and your bone turnover blah blah blah. But if you end up bed ridden because you have such intense back pain that you cannot walk sit or stand for longer than five seconds; you cannot sleep, your entire body aches every bone in your body aches. I worked out three times a week at a gym and had a normal life before taking the Prolia Shot. My Dr. intimidated me I'm sad to say. When I told him after the first shot that I was having problems with backaches, he told me that I needed to go on antidepressants because nobody else has had problems with side effects. This is the most dangerous drug on the market I hate Amgen for what it's doing to people. Go to the site called "AskaPatient" and enter Prolia. You will not believe the pattern of the same type side effects. This is an evil Drug. if you've not taken the shot don't start it. Take calcium vitamin D and magnesium. prolia Has destroyed my life. I've been in contact with four people. They all have dropped off the face of the earth. I was hoping to get them together to start a class-action. The FDA was very very wrong To prove this drug and they know it. Please be kind to yourself and don't take this shot.

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I'm 70 years old and my doctor put me on HRT. It will take a while for my bones to improve (I, too, have osteoporosis), but I will not take those other meds. Tried thanks. I know most doctors freak out about putting women on hormone replacement therapy if they're through the menopause, but I found one kind soul who I convinced to put me on them. This is my 3rd month and I've never felt better in my life! Yes..there are risks, just like with any other meds...I'll take my chances with the HRT. Those bone meds can cause terrible side effects, including jaw fractures and thigh bones breaking for no other reason than the bone drugs...just my humble opinion.

Agree. How do we start class action

Have to Get a law firm to agree to take your class action. I have six peoples names if you can find a lawyer in the states.

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