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Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiency

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Hi, does or has anyone on the Bone Health area found there levels of certain minerals and vitamins depleted when they have gone for blood tests, 3 months ago I was diagnosed with crucial vitamin D levels, after 3 months on extremely high doses of vitamin D its now showing normal levels, but at the same time the new test results show low calcium levels, higher than normal alkaline phosphate levels and slightly higher than normal inflammatory markers.I am wondering if its all caused by the high doses of vitamin D.

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Hi AlexandriaUK

I am sorry i cannot help but you can always give the NOS helpline a call and speak to a nurse. :)

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AlexandriaUK in reply to Kaarina

Thanks for your answer, what is NOS??

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Kaarina in reply to AlexandriaUK

Here is the link to the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS):

The NOS Free Helpline Number is: 0808 800 0035

I hope that helps. :)

You will see that the logo for NOS and the logo at the top of the forum page are the same.

Thank you, will give them a ring, take care

That's good advice from Kaarina that she also gave me. The NOS nurse was very helpful and very nice as well.

~Hi there - can you please indicate the dosage of your "extremely vit D intake" at the time in question?

Hi 10000 per day prescribed by GP, its now at normal levels and I'm on adcal 3 again and seeing Dr next week to discuss vit c as I'm low in that as well now.

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