Best type of Calcium On PPIs

JOINTS I would be grateful if somebody could tell me the best Calcium to use. I took Calcium d3. and it left me very consipated. I am also on Nexium 20mgs got it down from 40mgs which I take at night. I wish I could get off it altogether. Dr said I need it and wasnt pleased I got it down to 20mgs on my own. I know it doesnt help bones, I have a hiatus hernia, I would be delighted if anybody has knowledge on this. Thanks for this wonderful post and help for us with OP. thanks again.

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  • I have taken 2 Calseos 500mg prescribed by my gp for many years, I also have a hiatus hernia and take lansoprazol and started back on Alendronic acid 3 months ago. Unfortunately as I have RA I take many other drugs for this including low dose steroids. Also have Hashimotoes, bp, and b12 deficiency. I don't take any opiate drugs as they make me constipated. Not sure if this helps.

  • JOINTS Thanks Gigi71 Many thanks for your kind reply to my query. What is Calseos, as I have never heard of it. Do you still manage you Hiatus hernia on the Iansoprazol. Sorry on your RA and hope you improve . Thanks again

  • It's calcium and Vit d3. Yes I manage fine on lansoprazol, was dx with a h h 12 years ago. I do take 2 lansoprazol when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for your kind wishes. Might be worth asking your gp as different makes have different fillers. Luckily I rarely get constipation, I also have a low carb high protein diet with lots of veg and very little sugar and gluten free. Take care X

  • Hi joints. I should add I also have recently added a k2 supplement and had a Dexa scan last Wednesday, so waiting on the results of that. X

  • JOINTS Hi Gigi71 Many thanks for your informative reply. Will find out about the calcium. I go for dexa scan in Dec so Im hoping for the best. Fell two years ago and broke a wrist. which still bothers me despite surgery. Consultant said it would take it a good while to come right again. Its just occasional pain if I over do work. Hope you have good results from your scan. My OP is in my lumber spine. Take care. x

  • Hi- I take calceos (which also contains vitd3) twice a day. I also have a hiatus hernia and take omeprazole twice a day now. I was only taking it once to protect my stomach from the other meds I take as I have RA. But I have been advised not to take calceos 2 hrs either side of the omeprazole.

  • You should be looking at the chemical nature of the calcium, not the brand name per se. It is generally considered that calcium citrate is more effectively absorbed than calcium carbonate - which is more common because it is a cheap ingredient. You also need other micronutrients besides D3, so look for those in your supplement, or supplement separately and/or improve dietary intake. Notable are magnesium and Vitamin K2, but there are a few others of importance as well.

    Here's a site with basic info, but there are other forms of calcium besides the three listed here:

    Right now I take calcium hydroxyapatite because it is supposed to be better absorbed by people on prednisone (steroid) treatment. Normally I would opt for calcium citrate.

    Vitamin K2, as well as magnesium, is very important in guiding calcium into the bones where it belongs, not allowing it to collect on the walls of blood vessels or inside organs. Note that K2 is not the same as K1, the vitamin we all know and love for its blood clotting abilities and readily available in leafy greens. K2 is harder to come by and will probably need to be supplemented.

  • JOINTS Many thanks for your very informative reply. Will start on Calcium Citrate.Vitd, k2 and Magnesium. and will look at the site you mentioned. Hope you are well yourself. Will let you know how I get on with my bloods & Dexa Scan in Dec. Thanks again HeronNS.

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