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Immunotherapy and liver cancer metasised to lungs

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I wanted to ask if anyone has liver cancer that has metasised to any other area in the body mine is in the (lungs) the only treatment my oncologist said she will give me is immunotherapy as my cancer is terminal. I wanted to ask if anyone in a similar circumstance has had any good results from immunotherapy for liver cancer patients? I need some hope as I’m running out of time. I’m 31 and was told this news last week, I was asked 3 days ago if I wanted to freeze my eggs as I very much wanted to have a child but my doctor said that would take a month and the only availablity for immunotherapy is this Friday otherwise she doesn’t know when I can have it. I was also told of a clinical trial but that also depends on my blood type! Doing the blood test tomorrow. So I’m the matter of days I have to decide whether to go along with immunotherapy or wait.

Would love to hear from anyone who has had a good experience/outcome from immunotherapy as I am very nervous,anxious and feel a bit down as I was told the chances are low. 😔

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