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High anxiety bisoprolol

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Has anyone suffered with bad anxiety on bisoprolol started 9th March never suffered with this before seems to be getting worser like it’s reducing me to tears

Is they an alternative blood pressure tablet to take without these effects as I’ve asked dr to lower my dose see if any effects subside

But told me won’t do that the only thing they usually do is higher the dose I really can’t cope with this

Any help be greatly appreciated thank you 🙏 x x

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I do feel for you! I was started on bisoprolol last year when first diagnosed with high blood pressure and I did not get on with it very well. It was only for a short time and I can't remember if I suffered from anxiety with it but I did not like the way it made me feel.

It might be an idea to make an appointment with your GP and explain how it makes you feel and ask if he/she could prescribe something else that you can tolerate better.

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Hi I’m sorry u felt awful on this too

It’s really driving me mad I just can’t function properly

Can you remember roughly the days o weeks you was on n what dosage n did u just stop or weened off

I’ve tried speaking to my dr and he said he won’t reduce or stop it ive raised my concerns to it’s done nothing but make me feel awful

Stuck on what to do and feel helpless like I don’t want to take in my own hands 🥲x

Thank you so much for reply wish I just kept on at them when 1st got symptoms but persevered like they have said x

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I was only taking 1.25mg and only for around two weeks but I remember that I felt very lethargic and dizzy. I wasn't weaned off but just went straight onto amlodipine. I now take 5mg amlodipine and 25mg losartan and am fine with those but they did cause side effects to begin with and I have found, from this forum, that a lot of people have side effects with blood pressure medication to begin with but they do subside in time.

Would it not be possible for you to speak to another GP at your practice and explain how they are making you feel? There are lots of different hypertensive drugs available and what causes side effects for one person may not do so for another.

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Ahh okay I just got started on the 2.5mg ,, the weird thing is I was okay for the 1st 6 weeks , Just my eyes a bit funny like a migraine but had papilledema and nurse said be pressure releasing and waking up with weird dreams ,, then after 6 weeks started getting tummy bloating and pain under left side n sleep nightmares waking me up heart beating , so I told them about that ,, dr told me to keep on them while did tests done all tests and all are okay apart from low ferritin but nothing serious ,, then this last week o so got palpitations and then anxiety past 2-3 days where feels out of control and told them on Wednesday and that’s when said won’t reduce or take me off

My practices as changed during COVID used to be 1 dr but now under city health do different drs I have asked to speak to the lady who I saw 1st as she has seen me twice up to now face to face and listens to me sorta thing ,, the dr I’ve spoke to juz dismissed what I was trying to say ,, can’t book in with them really it’s what available at 8am morning to ring and try get phone appointment but it’s crazy

I might have to just tell them I want to change medication since not understanding my concerns x

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I agree with Happyrosie. Good idea to speak to the pharmacist who issues your medication and explain what the side effects are and that you are finding these intolerable and are affecting your quality of life. You absolutely have the right to do this.

So, firstly, speak to a pharmacist and then phone your GP surgery and insist on speaking to or seeing a doctor.

I do hope you manage to get it sorted and are able to find something that you can tolerate. Lowering blood pressure is crucial and, equally important, is your quality of life. Do let us know how you get on x

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Yeah it’s very useful advice I didn’t know could do this I ask things like can I take this with that but never thought to ask more useful info which can help me hugely ,,

Yes I will call in or phone them tomorrow ,, I’ve tried everyday that’s what led me to doin a video call with livi before and they told me and even wrote to my dr saying I need to see face to face but 1 of the drs he’s so stubborn and doesn’t being like told what to do so the lady dr who’s new got me in with her 4 days later with her but she only works once a week in mine so really hard get her ,, but I will try be more insistent be well out my comfort zone I get nervous just knowing I have to call so stupid

Really hope so too I’m driving myself and family mad as they don’t know what to do for me n I’m usually the strong 1

I will let you know

Thank you so much for advice again u don’t know how much u all help me on this forum :) x

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Bless you! Don't be put off by feeling that you are being a nuisance. It is affecting your quality of life. I know it's difficult for you to do these things when you are feeling anxious and vulnerable but you are not being a nuisance and have tried the medication for long enough and shouldn't have to suffer in silence.

I know it must be difficult for your family too. You will be the strong one again when you are on the right medication that brings down your BP without causing intolerable side effects.

Make the pharmacist your first port of call and hopefully they can advocate on your behalf.

Do let us know how you get on x

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I know I just hate asking for help so when I eventually get there and don’t help I just feel deflated and feel I’m stuck where I am ,, it really is affecting me darent go out for my daily walk now incase anxiety fly’s high n I’m sat crying outside , but just inside I could be cooking and it starts , I just don’t know it’s happening why as I know nothing serious is going on in my body I’m not even thinking about it , so I defo think the medication and I’ve let it build up which I wish I didn’t as soon as felt weird shoulda just said I want off or changing then instead of them telling me what to do when I’ve asked ,,

It really is hard for them I can see how it’s worrying them like my partner is not sleeping like he should and he does 40hrs in Amazon warehouse on feet all day and my daughters in college n had to retake her exam as she couldn’t concentrate which isn’t like her at all she’s very determined,, I’m just glad she has an amazing tutor who knows what’s going on with me and let her resit and she passed this time thank god

Really can’t wait for that day my body feels normal o closest to it as possible just wish my dr was like half you on here who listen

Yeah I’ll be definetley trying the pharmacist and hope there as good as others have had

I will ,, thank you for a helping ear or eyes in this case :) x

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Just a update been to chemist and spoke to the pharmacist briefly ,, took my list and explained it all he thinks I have dehydration and lost electrolytes which could be causing my palpitations which could in turn cause anxiety , with my fast change of diet and trying to push when my body tells me not to , like I thought it was good losing 3lb in 4 days 7lb in a week and eating less calories even if is good food ,, apparently not I’m doing more harm then good can get away with it short term but not way I’ve done it , advised me to drink plenty of fluids , keep on my complan for nutrients and dioralyte every few hours to replenish what I’ve lost always thought these were for toilet troubles ,, told me see if I feel better in few days if not get in touch my gp but can ask for advice anytime ,, wish knew this before there very underestimated are pharmacists thought he did a great job and to listen to me way he did ,, Hoping this works and it is just that if not least I’ve tried :) x

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Dovedale4 in reply to tigerjuz86

Thank you for updating me and it's good that you now have a reason for the side effects you have been experiencing. I must admit that I thought it a bit strange when you said that you were fine on them for the first six weeks because you would expect side effects to make themselves felt very quickly after starting.

Pharmacists are very knowledgeable about side effects and often know more about them than doctors.

I hope you start to feel better very soon. Follow the advice from the pharmacist and take it easy x 😊

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Your very welcome thanks for guiding me ,, that’s what I couldn’t understand 6 weeks surely can’t take effect that long after ,, what was hurtin my brain n sendin me daft I’m really hoping this works though then I can finally chill and relax and maybe feel me again ,,

Yeah I am making sure I will always make them my 1st port of call

I will do and I will take it easy and follow advice thank you 😊 x

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Dovedale4 in reply to tigerjuz86

You are very welcome! 😊 x

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Update : awoken sharp stabbing pain in left boob area and feel exhausted like can’t stop drifting off , not sure if this would happen or not after solutions and stuff x

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If that side effect is new then I think you should phone 111 for advice, just to be on the safe side. Explain to them what has happened and take it from there x

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Hi sorri I’m late of reply just wasn’t feeling good at all ,, the sharp pain was it was like a shooting pain I wasn’t sure if it’s my anxiety or not ,, my belly has bloated out so don’t know if it’s the pressure pushing on me or what ,, I had a thought I stopped my ferrous fumurate on 22nd due to all palpitations and anxiety starting around there i don’t know if these are like effects of coming off it ,, my daughters with dr tomorrow she’s waited a while to see dr and won’t go without me ,, I’m gonna try ask whilst in his office when I’m there also did post on here just now see if anyone has had similar with the iron tablets ,, but If does get worse then I am defo gonna ring 111 I am perserverring

Thank you for replying again :) x

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That's a good idea for you to go with your daughter tomorrow and try to see the doctor. I think you really need to be seen and examined to try to get to the bottom of this so good luck for tomorrow and hopefully you can get it sorted 😊 x

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yes im just hoping it isnt dr who i spoke to on the phone and disreguards me o makes me wait for my appointment on 16th ,, really dont want to go to a&e that is my last resort but know if i ring 111 prob be sent there just dont think i can sit in pain n anxiety for real long ,, im really got everything crossed and hope dr sees me too the receptionist said ring 8am in morning done that for weeks now ,, she has her 1st blood test due and her fear is so high and she wont get it done if im not there i did ask dr who we phoned for her n she said it was okay with me chaperoning her n has it wrote down could you fit me in with her to see dr ,, she cant unfortunately but theres no harm in asking when in and sorted daughter out if he can see you whilst there x

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Update : seen dr during my daughters appointment got sent to hospital as my bp was high 207 from the pain and inflammation pushing on my chest which led to anxiety which led to palpatations increasing the anxiety

All heart is good ecg n chest X-ray n bloods had some iv fluids

Dr who saw me throughly checked me over and found how inflamed my stomach was bad case of gastritis which didn’t heal from previous weeks

Upped my bisoprolol to 5mg but not to sure on that with my bp recently in good figures n my heart rate low and 4 weeks course of lansprazole and take only paracetamol if needed gotta rechange my diet to no acidic o spicy foods just got used to my other healthy eating plan :( still in lot of pain but anxiety eased especially when belly has a debloat so I’m hoping Is just this ,, told me that ferrous fumarate was probably to strong for me and just keep off and see my gp til my stomach heals hopefully not to long :( x

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Dovedale4 in reply to tigerjuz86

I'm glad you were seen and checked over. At least you now know it wasn't a problem with your heart. Hopefully the gastritis will settle now, your BP will come down and you will feel better 😊 x

Well done tigerjuz for explaining so well to the pharmacist that he or she has been able to help you (does this sentence make sense?). Anyway, you’re in a better position now and can deal confidently with whatever’s going to happen.

Hi thank you I’m glad I had me list still muddled myself up like usual but just showed him it and he talked me through it ,, yes it makes sense ,, yeah I’m really hoping it’s this and know not to rush at Gettin better so quick and think the worst of a situation and yeah felt lot more confident I would of thought how taking a list with me is silly but it really helps me hugely and the medical people so won’t hesitate to do again especially with my forgetful brain lately ,, thank you for advice hugely appreciated:) x

Please ask to see another doctor in the practice. In the meantime, talk to your pharmacist asking her if she can suggest a range of different medication, and take this suggestion with you to your appointment. Assuming you’re in the UK, you have a perfect right to do this.

I will keep asking and ask which dr is doing the phone appointments before I book it in ,, like any pharmacist in the chemist can suggest this ?? ,, yes I’m in uk x

Most pharmacists, whether the Boots ones or the independents, should have more info on medication and their side effects than doctors do. So they ought to be able to guide you. Some will write to the doctor. For instance, my pharmacist is an independent High Street one and he does stints at the local hospital,.

They can carry lit a ‘medicine review’ with you. Some might need you to make an appointment

I never knew this was a thing that’s really useful information thank you ,, so you just go in and ask them what they would recommend and if these symptoms are side effects ,, thank you I shall try go speak or at least call them in morning

Thank you so much again 😌x x

dont do what i did,put up with these drugs for a year,anxiety building up ,no sleep till i went over the edge and nearly ended the misery of life, decided to stop them all and get better myself, it could not get worse how i felt, diet,exercise slow breathinhg, 3 walks a day, 30 mins each one, 4 x15 mins a day min slow breathing, turmeric in hot milk and 2 tablespoons of xtra virgin olive oil a day, 3 months later im back to my own self,ive done the house and garden up, did not do anything on bp pills, never take bp , i use to 6 times a day, as long as feel well ill take that than worring about bp all the time, if i ever take it again ill go with the 100 plus age numbers and under 100, i think docs scare us all wanting bp to be 120/80, mine for years was 160/90 as long as i remember and was fit as a fiddle till chest infection which docs said i did not have but ended up in hospital when i did not believe doc and took myself there.

Hi Peter

I’m so sorry you have experienced this too I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy ,,

Was you on bisoprolol too and same happened to you ,,

Was you also on a low dose of 2.5 and did you ever try a higher or lower dose before coming off

Yeah I’m really struggling at the minute at feel it intensifying

I am going to admit I really have thought about getting off it myself as I can’t cope , I’m just terrified and don’t have a clue how I would do it and how it would affect me but if my drs won’t help me soon and listen I’ve asked twice now so I’m hoping 3rd time lucky

Is that how you did it like did u stop straight away ,

did u tell ur dr that u was doin it n did u reduce ur dose bit by bit ,, and these was mechanisms to help you is It turmeric powder in milk , I’m drinkin herbal tea loads times but feel doin nothin chamomile , ginger and a turmeric but not helping

Was you on this medication for high blood pressure if so what was your reading when got put on them if u don’t mind me asking

Yeah I take mine when feel all funny but it is fine so I feel is my medication only thing I’m not liking is my heart rate falls to 53 and feel myself floaty

I only got put on them in a&e my body was 220/114 but I blame my lack of physical activity n eating pure crap from June when lost my mam plus the corona being stuck in didn’t help either but I shoulda still done a walk at least ,, now I’ve had a scare I’m trying get back to the old me but finding it so hard on these and with the anxiety juz really uphill battle

I had no problems before like I go for 6month check ups for my thyroid and all my bp and stuff gets done and definetley never had anxiety and palpitations constantly throughout the day

I can tolerate so much but just had enough it’s doing me more harm then good mentally

Yeah yours is quite high but if didn’t affect you I totally get why u wanted off if u felt even a bit of what I’m feeling now I really feel for you

I am going to try the pharmacist tomorrow like others have said and see if can help me out , and hopefully speak to a dr Monday or at least this week to see if will help me as i am terrified to do on my own as i know im unlucky in everything else

Thank you so much and glad you are feeling so much better off them :) x

mine was always 160.90 ish for as long as i rember,went hospital 220/120 ,got sent home at 180/95 said thats ok and see doc, he put me on the dreaded amlodipine and 5mg bisoprolol, after a year swapping and changing dose and pills i slowely reduced them over a month ,then stopped, nor seen doc or told them, i think you no when you feel well, it could not have got any worse for me, sleeping a bit better now use to get aprox 1 hour on average a night for a year now about 5, but its getting there, try olive oil leaf extract that will reduce bp and drink beetroot juice if you can stand beetroot,

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I like the sound of you Peter. Once upon a time 160/90 was consider ok for an older person, now doctors seem to think we should all have the blood pressure of a 20 year old. I admire you for doing what you are doing to keep your blood pressure down, I don't think I could do it. Good idea keeping away from doctors too. Bisoprolol is a beta blocker, Years ago I took them and I felt absolutely terrible. I told my doctor and she gave me something else. That is one drug I absolutely refuse to take ever again. Statins is another. But some people do do alright on beta blockers, we are all different.

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tigerjuz86 in reply to nungi

Oh is that true it would make more sense as know as we get older our body’s don’t work with us how we want them too

I’m only 34 but definetley tell the difference from when was 24 lol

But wonder why they have changed it then it seems more sense the old way and it puts more pressure on the old in numbers young at heart people and must scare a lot of people as does me if I see mine above 140 now I admit I do panic

Peter is definetley doing great I too also admire how he’s doing it just wish I could be strong and do same

Seems a lot have struggled with the bisoprolol too , and I got given statins took few days and toilet troubles sorry if too much info was unbearable so gave up glad I did as my latest blood test was all great for cholesterol

Are you still on bp medication then either way hope your well and it’s working as should with none or little side effects possible

Yeah that’s true :) x

Ahh okay so always had a high bp but youve been fine

Oh so similar figures to why I got put on it and I got sent home 170s which I thought strange these seem high like if you look on the nhs blood pressure it says 170 or above is hypertensive emergency I did feel good when came out tho

So you’ve had a combination but none have agreed with you

Did u reduce dosage or just daily on day on n off I am petrified to do that on my own so youve defo got guts

How long have you been medication free And yeah that is true I know I’m not feeling well at all I must admit the anxiety is making me feel worse

I’m getting 5 now but used to be a good sleeper bed at 10 hit the pillow out til 7 now bed still up gone midnight worried and wake up throughout drives me mad so hopefully I don’t go to a hour like you I’m struggling on this

Okay where do I find this olive oil extract n yeah I love beetroot not sure bout the juice on it’s own never tried

Thank you again :) x

Hi there. So sorry you are still still suffering with Bisoprolol. Just a thought. Have you tried taking it at night. I take 1.25mg when I go to bed and that seems to work for me. I don’t understand why your doctor won’t try you on something different. But like I’ve mentioned before, the anxiety will create big problems. If you have anxiety about taking the pills, that’s going to make it ten times worse. But you know your own body. Try taking at night, see if that makes any difference. Hope this helps. Xx

Hey again

Yeah I take mine before I go sleep or when my partner goes to work at 1:30am as I know I’ll forget if don’t get reminded or I’ll put alarm n forget why

I don’t understand it either I’m hoping I can get call back this week with another dr

Yeah anxiety is a big part I don’t think I’m afraid to take the tablet in itself as I know how good it keeps my blood pressure under control , I just scared of the effects it gives me after taken it especially the low heart rate n dizzy

I always think about breaking it and doin half night and half through day but don’t know if would change my good bp

Thank you for Gettin in touch much appreciated:) x

I am the same as you , have tried all the BP medications. Now on Verapamil SR. They sometimes use this for anxiety.Look at fillers in them , sometimes they can be a problem.

It is a channel blocker. Also Doc has given me samples of new antidepressant with little side effects, only taken them 7 days . Feel they’re starting to work. Unfortunately you have to pay for them. They are called Valdoxan. Also taking 25mg Dithiazide fluid tablet. I really know how you feel. I am on 75 thyroxine but am going to take 50 and go for blood test in 6 weeks. I felt terrible after I took 75 this morning, my blood pressure shot up.

I have had anaemia my levels went down to 3 took iron tablets and back up to 16. Tried beta blockers as well. No good as I’ve also got Raynards and emphysema. You know your body, can you change doctor’s. I am in Australia so you can go to any doctor. Have you tried Magnesium before you go to bed.

I am 85 though . Been having problems with BP medication for 10 years. I go for a walk every day , at least 2 kilometers.

Good luck

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Margjeans

Hi sorri you have felt this way ,, ah hopefully these ones are for you ,, what is the fillers please I don’t have a clue what they are sorry

Oh okay there’s so many isn’t they out there you think be one in each catergory and they would be one for you ,, but that be to easy right only if eh

I really darent start a new drug Ion top of these just yet but glad they are working for you but I will keep them in mind ,, are they a natural antidepressant

I take 50 thyroid as 75 was too much for me too but it’s in range so I’m happy with that hoping yours come back good to on 50

Wow that was low mine was 12 so u must of felt awful so happy it’s gone up for you

Aw bless ya my mum had that emphasemia and copd so can understand why you can’t take as hard to breathe as is

Yeah I’ve just gotta be more adamant instead of just saying and agreeing yeah what there telling me to do or why and not getting out my concerns sort of thing I’m rubbish at explaining ,,

There is 1 more doctors surgery in my catchment area but people always complain about it

I just need the good dr on the days I ring

,, Im from the uk love that idea you can go see any dr ,, my cousin and her husband went to Australia at the royal Melbourne hospital about 6 years ago he trained there for a few years he’s a consultant neurosurgeon now so know how good the healthcare is over there

No I’ve not tried magnesium is that a supplement or food I remember my mum had milk of magnesia in a blue bottle from me growing up

Aw that’s not good hopefully your blood pressure sorted within the next year

I should probably stick to that far walking instead of dragging myself further when my body not just ready yet , but I do believe a walk is great medicene

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me greatly appreciated:) x

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Margjeans in reply to tigerjuz86

Magnesium is a natural channel blocker, there are different kinds . Magnesium Citrate is good if you have constipation. Look them up and read about them. Good to take at bedtime, will calm you down and make you sleep. Take care and enjoy the summer sunshine

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Margjeans

Ahh okay I’m varied on toilet troubles with my ibs ,, yeah I will look them up thank you so much and you too have a lovely day it’s lovely outside but I’m stuck in bed today zero energy can’t stop drifting off after woke with sharp pain left boob area , hopefully tomorrow a better day x

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Margjeans in reply to tigerjuz86

You are better getting up and moving about even if you don’t feel like it . Move it or loose it .

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Margjeans

I know I did around yea time a walk in the garden a bit of air and gradually walking again just gentle walk not a rush

Thank you 😊 x

The doctors have a huge range of blood pressure tablets, if those don't agree with you ask him to change them for something else, I'm on losartan and don't have any problems like yours x


I hope can find me one with none or minimal manageable side effects for me ,, yeah I need as won’t lower o let me stop ,, the weird thing is I had no problems 6 weeks which is baffling me ,, wish a dr could be me for a day then they would have idea what and the ifs of what was ,,

How long you being on yours and did you ever have to change them to find right one or was you just lucky I’m so glad you are good on yours though and no problems

Thank you 😊 x

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Margjeans in reply to musomaniak

You can to longer get Losartan in Australia

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Margjeans

Oh is there a reason as to why stopped them there or just taken off market over there x

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Margjeans in reply to tigerjuz86

Don’t know why You can’t get them

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Margjeans

Aw such a shame if they was good x

i took half one day for a week, ,then half every other day,then every 2 days then so on month then off them,ive been off them 3 months now,the anxiety went quick but i meditate slow breathing, i was a hippy lol so its easy, for some people its easier to take a pill and live as they are but if u have high bp you are not healthy, diet,exercise and slow breathing works,olive leaf extract holland and barret or ebay,amazon. anxiety depression i bet you did not have before pills,i did not.

Oh that seems a lot for me to think I would have to half again n maybe again ,, that’s really good though a month ,, That’s impressive that the anxiety went quick so was definitely the medication ,, i do deep breathing is that the same it does get me through unless my mind wanders when I 1st started I almost passed out 6 seconds but think I forgot to breathe lol ,, aw that’s ace inner peace seems to go a long way ;) ,, yeah when you look at it that way we are not as healthy as we thought we were ,, yeah I’ve switched my diet totally try not put as much bad food as I can in my body now and always try buy fresh ,, ahh okay I shall have a look for those on my next shop from H&B is this safe with bisoprolol to get used to it ,, i definetley 100 percent hand on heart can say I didn’t have this ,, I did have off days where felt down about my mum and stuff but could pick myself up within minutes as know she wouldn’t want me moping ,, did do stupid tho and didn’t do my daily walk and did become lazy n put absolute rubbish in my body which I do hate n regret as didn’t before corona n my mum passing so y did I then such a silly move

Thanks again :) x

I am coming to this a bit late and there is some good advice already. I feel for you. I have taken Blood pressure drugs dince I was in my 40s, and now I am in my 60s and also take medicines for heart problems. For BP I take Lisinopril and am fine on that. It is an ACE inhibitor that relaxes your blood vessels and makes it easier for the heart to pump.

Bisoprolol is a beta blocker. It shows your heart rate down, and people take them for anxiety. I take them(1.25mg daily) for the racing heart rhythm problem (Atrial Fibrillation). Fatigue is now my problem.

Most people on Bisoprolol say it makes them feel really slowed down, lacking in energy. I don't know your history, but it's not necessarily the best treatment for blood pressure.

I think a different doctor would try another option - Amlodipine, Ramipril, Verapamil. There are lots! So don't give up. Lots of fluids and slow deep breathing plus Magnesium Taurate can also help❤

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tigerjuz86 in reply to Coco51

Hey coco

I don’t mind being late any advice I will take on board thank you

Aw did it get better with time being on them and I’m so sorry to hear you have heart problems

Ah okay I don’t think I’ve seen that one I just want any that won’t give me side effects but then I don’t know if 100 percent is this as 1st 4-6weeks I was fine and felt great better then had in a while not sure if that’s a change of diet healthy only and daily exercise

Yeah I’ve noticed my heart rate goes low to 53 I’ve seen it and makes me all lightheaded and weird and my blood pressure has been great

My history is I’ve been well really apart from underactive thyroid on levythyroxine 50 that’s all okay now and ibs which was all under control for 5 years until I started these bisoprolol just belly bloat and pain is unreal do have colofac for these but not really touching it

Fast forward my mum passed in June 2020 & when this corona lockdown I decided to just pity myself n ate crap and did the no exercise id say in almost a year I went out a handful of times then on 8th March a&e as went all weird blurry dizzy n nausea no anxiety though my bp was 220/124 had 3 bisoprolol in there throughout my 24 hours in and had papilledema did all tests from bloods ,, ct scan brain and emergency eye hospital which confirmed papilledema gave me script for bisoprolol 2.5 and sent me home month later had bp n bloods with nurse & bp sitting at 150 next month 140 now 2 stone lighter now 120s

But since 13th may bloods ferritin 12ug n gave ferrous n my appetite gone n not sure if these ave caused my palpitations n anxiety which never had before ,, still trying my hardest to move as feel bleugh and not eating as much as I should with the bloat n feeling sick fruit and tea with a complan and really pushing for a walk

I just wanted mine reducing with my bp being okay and my heart rate being low or would this still apply with the 1.25 which you are on but if all these r part of bisoprolol I’d rather not have but surely the side effects would be before the 4-6 weeks

Someone else mentioned magnesium just making sure I’m looking at right thing I don’t want buy a unnatural thing

Don’t know how people find all this information as I am useless

And not had it explained to me I still don’t know why I’m taking ferrous fumurate is it a deficiency o anemia I haven’t a clue

All this COVID has made it so hard to see or even speak to a dr

Thank you so much for your reply x

Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your poor Mum. I hope you get to see a doctor again soon. There's a lot to talk about there. All I can say is I felt the tiring effects of Bisoprolol straight away after the first dose of 1.25. After a while I almost got used to it, but I still don't like it. So getting your side effects after 4 weeks is odd. Good luck with the weight loss. That will do you good.❤

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