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high colostral

Hi uncontrolable high colostral ive heard of people with high colostrol that is not being controled by statins their reading is 7.8 plus and this particular person is on 20mg statin are their different types of colostrol even when you are very fit not over weight nd ns and going to the gem every day may be some one has come across this thanks e

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for some people high cholesterol runs in their family. they can be thin, fit, active, eat well and still have high cholesterol. it's genetic.

a low carb diet can work for some but not all. and if they want to give it a try, they need to do so under medical supervision.


Thanks kindred7 it appears that is the case but it is very unfortunate on the individual it is surprising that the med experts havent come up with a solution to deal with this problem after all their is tens of millions pumped into research on this problem and other heart problems lets hope things improve good luck ed

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