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Not new to high BP, but new to this site.

Just been prescribed Moxonidine, can anyone give any info on taking it from a personal level?

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Just started Moxonidine 600mg daily about 4 weeks ago when hospitalised with dangerously high BP. Already taking Losartan for some 3 years or more, the dose of which has now been doubled from 50 to 100mg daily. Also prescribed Bisoprolol about 6 weeks ago whilst in hospital with a sudden heart problem. Up until now, I have experienced all sorts of nasty side effects from many BP meds, but so far so good with this concoction apart from a bit of a loose bowel and a very dry mouth. The reason I was hospitalised in a renal unit when starting Moxonidine was to monitor my kidney function as I have just a sole kidney which itself is low functioning. I do feel concerned as the accompanying leaflet says that kidney patients should not take more than 300mg a day but the doctors are desperate as it seems my dangerously high BP may now be resistant to medication. It has registered at systolic 262 before the addition of Moxonidine and even 242 since. I am sure you will be more successful.


Thanks,i also take 100mg Losartan and2.5mg Bisoprolol +Digoxin1 25mcg+ Rivoroxaban 20mg.same as you have dry mouth otherwise ok, but bit concerned reading enclosed leaflet about concern over people with coronary heart disease (which i have),think i need a reassuring chat with GP.

Been on all other meds for a few years Moxonidine only just over a week.I also have persistent atrial fibrillation hence the nice med cocktail,just need to get this BPunder better control.,but not high like yours varies through day between 180/80 toas low as112/ 65 but Gp wants it under 135/80.

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