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Early Symptoms Of High BP

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I'm currently on the cusp of starting BP medication-readings mainly coming in at 150/95....although yesterday morning back down to 130/90-and felt a lot less light headed, by evening back up to 160/100!. A big thank you to all the lovely community who advised me about appropriate meds. My next question is: before you were diagnosed with high BP, what were your symptoms? I seem to be constantly light headed-fluctuates but the doc told me that my readings would not generate symptoms-and several medical practitioners said that low BP caused lightheadedness not high BP. Very confusing as a lady I worked with said her early symptoms of high BP were being disorientated and feeling off balance. Any anecdotal advice much appreciated!

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My hypertension was totally asymptomatic, discovered by chance. I was able to bring it down a little by cutting down on salt (although I’m on half the maximum recommended daily amount) and increased exercise. But it’s now controlled at around 120/80, and has been for thirteen years, by a combination of Lisonopril and Lacidipine on minimum dosage. Plus of course healthy(ish) living!

Any side effects from them?

None whatsoever!

Many thanks. x

Hi Celticlady , diagnosed with high blood pressure at least 20 years ago . No symptoms just a routine medical ( 235/160) a bit high ! Was given beta blockers . They worked but i felt like a zombie . My quality of life was zero . Tried all sorts of things . Have yet to find anything that has no side effects . My surgery appear to have a limited selection to offer people . Hopefully one day there will be a new medicine available to me . My cholesterol is low and i am a bit overweight . I am not paranoid about it but know losing weight is a good idea . Good luck with yours , James

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Thank you James...all the best with the search!

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Hi James. Is your BP currently controlled?

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controlled no . i am taking lorsartan and doxazoizin . Last time i checked it was 170/100.

I am 67

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If your surgery are unable to prescribe to get that BO down, you should ask your doc for a referral to a cardiologist.

The reason high BP is called the silent killer, is because there usually aren't any symptoms until somebody might have a heart attack, or a stroke. I was in hospital being treated for a chest infection and they took my BP and it was high, so was started on Felodipine. Now I take 3 different tablets.🙄

I'm the same as you. My BP is similar and have lightheadedness and dizzy spells at time and disoriented at times.

I suppose I was "lucky" if you can call it that, when I had my hypertensive crisis mid-November 2020 I felt absolutely dreadful which caused me to seek help visiting the Urgent Care Clinic and I swear steam came out of the Doc's BP monitor.

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