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High BP - how to calm my nerves

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I was diagnosed pre-hypertensive at 30 with my readings 136/89.

I am 35 now and have tried to control it with exercise and good diet and had 24 hrs bp monitor last year and everything was perfectly fine. I am not on any medication for bp.

But with this lockdown stress mine is shooting up again.

To me frequent highs like 146/98 seems like worrying number. Specially high diastolics (90+) bother me.

Spoken to GPs couple of times about it and they have reassured it’s nothing to be worried about in a short run and will be checked post lockdown by 24 hrs BP monitor. I am just trying to calm my nerves. All my blood reports and medical history is excellent but it’s this anxiety of high BP that gets me worrying. I know it doesn’t help to fixate on numbers but just can’t help specially when I have chest pains - which is again nothing to be worried about according to GPs( based on all blood reports). Probably gastric related.

Can anyone share some pointers on dealing with such situation. How to trust your body and be positive.

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It's good that your last 24 hour reading was good.What was the average of that?It would seem that taking your blood pressure is stressful for you...if so stop measuring it.I was diagnosed with very high bp a year ago and became fixated on measuring it after commencing treatment.I was told not to measure every day and my husband started measuring it, not telling me what it said, but recording it for the GP.We needed to do that as my GP needed to get the dose right.I am pleased to say it is now well controlled.

But, another point...the fact that your bp has been rising like that suggests some lifestyle changes would be wise.Make sure your weight is good and eat healthily.Also, avoid salty foods and never add additional salt to food (my downfall).Try to get some help for your anxiety...I tried CBT which you can access free online through your GP.I also joined a meditation class but there is a lot online about that.

At least you are being monitored.I only found out, after I had dangerous bp levels at 54, that my GP nurse had been measuring higher levels for years but telling me they were normal.This has led to some mild heart damage which I hope treatment will overcome but you are in the loop already so all good.Chest pains need to be monitored of course but otherwise try to think about other things for now.I wish you well.

Thank you so much for taking out time and sharing your experience.

The average was something like 129/85.

I was also diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency recently and had really weak muscles so I can also attribute chest pains to that as it does seem to trigger with weight lifting.

I am stressed more than anxious. I tend to overthink which I am working on. Not overweight but can definitely lose couple of pounds and inches from waist. Would be ideal. Ever since I got to know I have propensity for high BP, I am really careful with my salt intake. I have realised it’s stress that triggers it in me than anything else and current Covid situation doesn’t help much.

Is there any CBT link that you can share with me or is it only through GP. I have already rang them lot in last month😝

It sounds like you are doing all the right things.I live in Surrey and they use ieso digital health for online CBT but it varies from region to region.It helped me though.

I wouldn’t worry too much or you on medication? I’m on a high does as mine is really high . But it keeps it steady with the meds. I am 61 !!!

Thanks. Hope you are doing well.

I am not on any medication.

I agree with everything that the last poster has said, and want to add something you might find helpful.

We humans are exactly the same people as were living as hunter-gatherers thirty thousand years ago. In those days, if you heard the crackle of a twig when you were out gathering nuts to eat, your blood pressure would go up because you might need to run or to fight. Your body was getting ready for action.

So you are really very normal. Something comes along that makes your body want to be ready for flight or fight. And part of that is an increase in blood pressure. So a diastolic of 160 when you are ready for action (that never comes nowadays) is natural.

Thanks for your reassurance. Totally makes sense.

It’s the lower number coming high that bothers me.

When you feel yourself becoming stressed, try listening to some meditation videos. You can find some on You Tube - Yoga Nidra - look for guided meditation which will talk you through it, it works for a lot of people. Good luck.

Ask gp for sertraline, meant for anxiety but also used for high bp due to other factors

I do sympathise, but the readings you are talking about do not seem high to me. Since my medics are usually alarmed by my high readings due to my "white collar syndrome", I wish my readings were always as low as yours. I hope you can ways not to be so worried.

Thanks. It’s slightly high for my age group.

Also sometimes I get 160/100 when really stressed

Put an inscription on a ring. 'Move more -eat less' . Put the ring on your eating hand.

Hi there! Honestly, it seems most physicians will come up with a “normal “ reading for you. I’m 27 weigh like 230 have anxiety. My normal is about 130/90 which is my normal.I am on metoprol though so it is alittle lower but the bottom diastolic number seems to stay around that no matter what.

well with numbers like that i would not take any bp pills, mines been 150/90 ish for at least 50 years and uptill i was poorly fit as a fiddle so nothing going g to go wrong, my friends father when i was young was a heart consultant and he said 165/100 was ok for most people and they never treated it anyway only to relax lol. im sure my dad fighting in africa and all over in the wars for 5 years never worried about there bp lol, young fit healthy just enjoy life,worring wont make it better but it will stop you enjoying the good things, 100 plus your age and under 100 dis was ok for years untill drug companies started lowering the numbers, imagine if asprin was only on prescription they would make a fortune,

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