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Newbie needs advice


I'm liz and i'm new here. I have had two lots of 24hr bp monitoring and the latest average at home was 100/88 when I go to the gp or hospital it goes up today the lowest after being on medication for three weeks perindopil 2.5mg was 158/108 so Ive been changed to felodipine 2.5mg . Can anyone tell me why it goes high in clinical surroundings.



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Hi Liz, there is a condition called White Coat Syndrome. White coat hypertension, more commonly known as white coat syndrome, is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a clinical setting, though they don't exhibit it in other settings. I don't know why it happens!

lis sometimes this happens when your out of your daily surroundings including myself it goes back to child hood fears of doctors injections etc etc do breathing exercises

100/88 bp is good..yes i agree with other posts here it's called "white coat syndrome"

I get nervous going to Hospitals or seeing DR.s ...I can go up 10-20- points in my bp reading in a second..and within minutes go back down.

Dr.s frown upon pb being over 120/80....they put fear in us because we are over their numbers..hence is why in their presence numbers go up. Dr.s certainly don't make us feel relaxed.

White coat syndrome - mine was 200/108 😱 now 148/87 on meds 10g

I had two check ups this week,one at my GP and the other later in the week at the nurse clinic had been prearranged,Monday 142/85 and Wed 159/89 and my home monitor,just purchased ,142/79 so confusing, on meds for the BP ,confused with the various readings,I have lost some weight and cut back on coffee etc.

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Hi. May be due to digital and manual device. At home digital meter shows low reading but doctors manual bp machine shows high reading.

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