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Is my BP to high?

Hi all, I was at a health assessment yesterday and for the second time I got a referel to my doctors for high BP. I contacted my doctor and I was told 175/105 is not cause for concern but they have managed to get me in with the nurse on Wednesday if need be which I have taken.. Other readings I have taken are 163/92 134/81 and 142/86 which all indicate Hypertention if I am correct, can someone please advise me,many thanks...

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hi there 2 of the readings are high the 175/105 and the 163/92 are the two that are high the other readings are acceptable. I think our blood pressure can go up with our age but dont quote me on that, a lot of people i know have had their blood pressure go up with age. I was around the 142/86 around 10 years ago but mine went up to 172/92 and im now on amlodipine 5mg. i had a few appointments with the nurse and then i got a 24 hour monitor.


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