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Recent high bp

My husband has always had blood pressure in the 120/80 range and for the last few weeks he has been experiencing bp in the range 165/73 right up to 180/76.

He was on a course of corticosteroid cream for a month and we wonder if this has entered his blood stream and could be the cause.

We have lowered his salt intake, upped his exercise but it is still in the 150s.

Has anybody any thoughts on the matter.


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Hi . bad diet lack of inactivity and stress leads to rise in blood pressure. Exercise prefer cardio rather than weight lifting. Cardio includes brisk wall cycling swimming light jog/run. Eliminate sweets and fried foods from diet include fresh fruits and veggies. Take lighter dinner as much as possible. Walk after dinner regularly. It will help ur husband.


Thank you Manjinder. My husband already follows most of your suggestions including a brisk 5 mile walk most days. We have cut out salt and exchanged tomato juice for pomegranate juice and it is slowly coming down.

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Gud luck. Keep informed us d progress


Just sitting in hospital waiting for him to have ecg.


How did the ecg go?


It went fine. Still watching his diet and making sure he exercises


That’s good news.


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