This is too much information but need help?

I just about 45 minutes ago ate a a defrosted frozen pizza, it’s been in the fridge since last saturday.

I went to go and pass wind which turned into diaherrea and I pooped myself.

I don’t feel unwell like food poisoning but just can’t leave the toilet.

I am currently on metformin but the last time I took a tablet was about 4 hours ago.

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  • Sometimes if something has gone bad your body rejects it quite violently (one end or the other). Was there meat in the pizza? If it was really off your body doesn't wait around to get a bacterial food poisoning but just chucks it out! Drinks lots of water.....

  • It was the Iceland cheese pizza with cheese stuffed crust

  • Hmmm... very odd then. But if your blood sugar is ok then hopefully you'll be ok too.

  • I'll be surprised if its the pizza after only 45 minutes. anyone know how long it takes for salmonella to take effect that far down the system?

  • if food is not properly defrosted or cooked too quickly after defrosting it can cause this problem ive experienced it edd

  • It might be Winter sickness bug (Norovirus) It affected me that way, but I also had vomiting all night, but the diarrhea lasted four days.

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