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Is this a blood clot? Real life knowledge plz, dont reply see a doctor


Ive been having warm feelings, tingly, numbess, and last night even numbess in my whole left leg. It usually starts in my foot or just is in my food. I do have medium high blood pressure as well as high hemoglobin. Lately ive been sick and blood has been in my mucus. But that could be due to my sore throat and dry nose. Is this poor circulation, pulled muscle, or a blood clot? Any input would be appreciated.

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What are your blood sugars for today? It might be nerve damage/Diabetic Neuropathy. This can happen if you have high blood sugars consistently. I’m not a medical professional. I’m a type 1 Diabetic.

Im not sure i havent tested them lately. Can you have neuropathy without diabetes? Also is type 2 the one that occurs more in overweight folk?

Type 2 can happen with over weight and/or under weight patients. It’s also can be family related.

Please check your blood sugar and let me know what it is.

What is the device called to check it? Can i get at a local drug store?

Blood test kit for Diabetes. You can go to the store and get it from the Pharmacy. After you get it, see your doctor for a prescription for more test strips ( if you have Diabetes).

Hello mike! I wanted to let you know I have type 2 diabetes and it’s definitely been a struggle of mine since I’ve found out 5 months ago. You can buy the kit for under 20 dollars at rite aid or Fred Myers. Check it 3x a day once in the morning mid afternoon and after dinner, follow the instructions that come with it. Good luck and keep us posted

Idk what those stores are lol. But ok. Can i buy it otc or does it have to be from pharmacy

It depends on the area of the store you find the kit. Most Pharmacies have them across the isles and some places are in the locked cabinet at the Pharmacy itself.

Oooh sorry lol! A pharmacy

My husband has DVT and x-rays showed he had blood clots starting at his foot and right up to his arm pit. He had tingling, and numbness and his leg turned a purple/pink colour. I'm afraid I MUST suggest you make an urgent appointment with your GP who can do a D-Dimer test. If that is positive he can refer you to the hospital to confirm it and begin treatment ASAP. My husband was started on Warfarin and Heparin, which meant a few days in hospital. Take care.

My husband is also type 2 diabetic.

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