Hello Everyone, My name is Martin and I have Stage 4 Emphysema

. I was first diagnosed in 2000.My meds are currently Symbicort 400/12 and Spiriva. Prednisone and Zithromycin when having an exacerbation. I have tried Onbrez, but it made it harder for me to breathe for at least an hour and I did not see any benefit. Also I have taken the usual Ventolin and Atrovent both a spay and nebulizer but without any noticable improvement. I woukld be really interested in what meds others are taking.

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  • Hi Martin. I'm also Stage 4. I have Seretide which works well for me.

  • Tried Seretide 500 accuhaler not a success using Symbicort 400/12

  • Hello Martin. I am also stage 4 and I use Spiriva.

  • Hi Martin, I'm stage 4 too. I use Spiriva, which doesn't seem to help at all, Symbicort which works really well, Ventolin which I rarely use as it has no effect and in fact sometimes seems to make me worse, Uniphyllin tablets, which work well, and carbocisteine which also works well to keep the chest clear. Steroids and antibiotics as and when needed. Libby

  • I do also have the other usual medicines as mentioned by other members. Not tried Symbicort or Uniphyllin.

  • hi martin.i use spirva and onbreeze. my consultant says they work together well. i also use seritidee 500 and ventolin

    take care of yourself ann

  • Hi Martin I use seretide accuhaler 500, ventolin and spirava . Everyone uses different drugs I've tried many different ones but the current ones work best for me.So don't give up trying different ones till you get the maximum benefit for you.

  • Hi Martin, I have spiriva, seretide and salbutamol inhalers, also have uniphyllin which I find helps a lot. Also carbosycteine to thin mucus. Ask your gp about it.

    best wishes.


  • I am at stage 2 and all I use is Spiriva and ventolin. xxxxx

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