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Lost medication when travelling

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Hello everyone.

Sorry to go straight in to a post without proper introduction!

I am from the UK but currently in Norway visiting my sister, when I arrived last night my baggage was missing, I have COPD and several meds for this were in my bag.

My sister doesn't have a GP here yet and I wondered if anyone knows if it is possible to post medication from the UK abroad nowadays?

Thanks for any help

16 Replies
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Sorry to hear about this but I'm don't think they will allow medication to be posted., Although I may be wrong. I do hope you get it sorted out and quickly. I hope you enjoy your holiday have a great time and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Staticdonkey in reply to Damon1864

Thank you, I was afraid this might be the case. I will try to find a local GP who might be able to prescribe, unfortunately I have heard it isn't so simple here. Hopefully it won't take too long and I will be able to enjoy my time here. It is a beautiful country 😄

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Staticdonkey

Please let us know how you get o , en joy your holiday and good luck getting your meds 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻🍀❤️

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MMaud in reply to Damon1864

Medication, per se, can be posted - online pharmacies do it all the time.

If you need meds now, then I suggest you seek a medical appointment. Do you carry a copy of your prescription with your passport and important documentation?

In future, it could be an idea not to put any important medication into the hold, but to take it in your carry on luggage. If your medication is life sustaining, airlines allow an additional hand luggage allowance, by prior arrangement.

If you are travelling with a spouse/partner/companion it could be an idea to split important medication between the luggage.

(As example of life sustaining medication would e insulin for Type 1 Diabetes.)

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When I was living in France 6-7 years ago I'd stocked up enough to last 6 months but stayed longer. I arranged for a friend to pick up my prescription from GP surgery, she got it made up at the pharmacy then posted me the well packed medications which arrived safely - though I'm sure she wouldn't have admitted that there were meds in the parcel! Its after Brexit now though so its all changed re posting abroad.

A couple of years ago an English neighbour sent some packs of over the counter co-codamol to her brother in Romania. It was confiscated at Romanian customs due to co-codamol being prescription only there so illegal. Her brother had a warning from the police 😬!

Dic uou take a paper copy of your prescription? If so a Norwegian GP could possibly prescibe your meds. If you haven't got one with your gp surgery might email a copy (if they're very nice). Or can you get someone to get a paper copy from your home? (I always get a copy when I pick up my meds from the pharmacy).

I dont know what else to suggest.

Last time my baggage went missing it was delivered to my home 2 days later, I arranged that at Heathrow. I hope the Norwegian airport & airline can do that.

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Staticdonkey in reply to peege

Oh no! All over a pack or two of co-codamol! Thankfully my luggage turned up so I won't have any problems but I'll definitely be packing everything in my hand luggage in the future.

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peege in reply to Staticdonkey

Ah that's brilliant news 👏👏 and yes, always in hand luggage , once bitten twice 🤭

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It’s not legal for individuals to post medicine to Norway. Online pharmacies probably have a license to do so. When I had to get medications 2 years ago in Norway they wouldn’t accept the EHIC and the pharmacy wouldn’t accept my nhs prescription so I had to get a doctors appointment to get a prescription then get the Norwegian equivalent of my medicine from the pharmacy. I had to pay for everything and didn’t get reimbursed after. I’m going to Norway in a few days to visit my brother. 👍

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Staticdonkey in reply to HungryHufflepuff

What a nuisance that sounds, my bag turned up which saves a lot of hassle by the sounds of it! Have a great time with your brother, we are in Oslo and I'm quickly falling in love with the country... maybe I won't return home 😀

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HungryHufflepuff in reply to Staticdonkey

I’m so glad your bag turned up. When I visited my brother 2 years ago, the pandemic happened. I’d traveled with hand luggage, expecting to stay 3 and a half weeks, I got stuck there for almost half a year. Hopefully this time will be less eventful! My brother lives near Tromsø which also is very beautiful.

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I’d seek the help of a local GP as soon as possible and be prepared to pay. When travelling all prescribed medication should be in hand luggage with a doctors letter stating that you have permission to be carrying it. I used to pack it in a small lunch bag, with the letter, and show it at bag check. They used to read letter, never checked it, and then push it through the scanner, shouting “medicines”! I felt like a drugs mule. I hope you get sorted and have a great time in the fresh air. Joy. x

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Staticdonkey in reply to Joy123

Thank you, all medication won't be leaving my sight again.

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I think the nearest British Embassy can help too.

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Thank you all, the bag has turned up!! Phew! That was a relief, I'll follow all your advice and take it in my hand luggage next time.

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Glad your bag turned up. I always carry meds in hand luggage and have prescrption handy. As I have codeine prescribed which is illegal in many countries you need prescription. I always take rescue pack with me as well in case its needed.

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Excellent news. Enjoy your holiday now x

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