Out Of Hospital !!

Hi Everyone , I was released from hospital yesterday after spending 5 days there , I can not believe the change from when i first got admitted .I feel some much better no coughing or shortness of breath , will be back to work on monday . The Doctors have said i still have possibly two infections from the pluracy and pneumonia , and they have stopped giving me steroids so the fluid can now build up on my left lung , in a week or two they will send me for another CT scan and X-rays to make sure the fluid has returned , then they can do a plural effusion biopsy and take some fluid off for testing ! then start my treatment properly and finally after three and half months may be have a chance of clearing my infection .They have taken me off both my inhalers , and put me on diclofenic and paracetomol . which has stopped the pain and breathlessness .

Thank you all so much, so pleased i found this site it has been so helpful , and only hope my little blog will help some one else who has the same problems . Thank you as well for all the well wishes . would have replied in hospital but found it hard on my I-phone , much better replying from laptop.

Take Care everyone hope you are all feeling well , or getting the treatment you need xx

best wishes Mike.

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Sounds really positive news. Hope you continue to improve. Yes this is a really good web site. Pleased I found it myself!

So glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you have a positive treatment plan. Good luck with work! TAD xx

Sounds good to me but don't rush it, look after yourself.


So happy your feeling better, take care. xxx

Really pleased you are feeling better and out of 5* Mike

Love C xxx

I'm glad they are getting you sorted out and hope you continue to improve. x

good news, Take care x

now that sounds great mf, really pleased your feeling better xxx

Take care and keep improving.

Libby x

Glad you are feeling lots better, take care :) x

Good to hear you've been 'released' mfdj :) and fingers crossed for the outcome of the upcoming tests x

Take it easy, don't be doing too much too soon. Glad your out of the madhouse!! xx

Thats great so glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself :)

Interesting to know that since being taken off Inhalers, your breathlessness has benefited. I'm Convinced that the Powder type inhalers ( I've had 4 different ones ) have made my breathlessnes WORSE ! I've now refused to use them any more! Doctors are sceptical, but they aren't the ones who are suffering. I'm still on 2 Aerosol type inhalers , but again not convinced they achieve anything. Which type of Inhaler were you prescribed?

It was yesterday I came across this site - so glad I did. Good to read about COPD from the sufferer's viewpoint.

Best to all - Phil

Hi Exsmoker , i was on the blue one and brown one , sorry don't know the names of them only had them a short time ..

So pleased for you getting out of hospital and feeling miles better! hope you continue to feel on the up! :) x

Great news that you are home.

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