Uhoh hospital tomorrow

After a fab hol by the sea again it's been full steam ahead at work to pay for it and to take my mind off hospital appointment tomorrow. I've managed twice now to postpone the oxygen but don t think I'l get away with it a third time aargh!

The thing is I just don't feel poorly, I'm so active and ok I might get breathless but I sit a while and get over it. It's the 15hrs thats such a bind for goodness sake I'm on the go far more than that.

Ok winge over tomorrows another day now where did I put that holiday brochure lol

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Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Have you had your AB gas measure before? Not everyone goes directly onto 15 hours a day.

Keep us posted.

Thank you. I really must sound stoopid but I havn't got a clue what all the abbreviations used on here mean sorry. I know that when I'm tested by nurses an dr my oxygen levels are only 90 an I also know my lungs are aged 92. even tho i'm only 57. Each time Ive been to hospital they've said I will definitely go straight onto 15 long boring hours.

Ab = arteriel blood - AB gas measurements are taken to determine the oxygen prescription literage etc. I guess they did it without communicating this to you if the've already determined your need.

Ahhh ok thanx Zoee.

Just read your first post Castle, amazed you have gotten away with not using it. Hope the doc explained to you the consquences of not using it when you need it. Keep well just so you can keep on enjoying those Holidays.

Glad you had a good time.

Yes I know but I'm one of those people who thinks what they can t see won t hurt. Crazy eh?

Hello Castle, memories...................I felt exactly the same several years ago. However, I managed the 15 hours well. Working 8:30 to 5 meant 8.5 hours off it. But, if I used it whilst travelling and all the time at home, it worked out well. If I managed to use it for an hour at lunchtime, I could come off for an hour and a half later. When I had to increase my hours I had a concentrator delivered to my office as well as at home. This meant I used it most of the day and so could go out for a few hours in the evening You will work it out. Good luck. xx

Sorry, also meant to say I never felt ill either. But I was made aware of the damage I could be inflicting on my internal organs - so complied.

Oh thank you. I'm workin on getting it sorted but it's not easy as I work shifts with vulnerable adults which also requires me to sleep in fortnightly. Hours will have to be cut and sleepovers will stop which means less pay. However my employers, who have been warned, have promised me as much help as possible. It 'l be alright in th end I'm sure?

When I was prescribed oxygen 16/24 @ 1l/min in February of this year, I thought............ "this is it, this is what it will be like for the rest of my life". That wasn't the case though, as a recent appointment with my respiratory consultant resulted in him telling me I was managing my condition so well that I could come off the daytime oxygen and just have it overnight.

My respiratory nurse has been today and has left a TOSCA machine with me in order to do an overnight oxygen/co2 test. He informed me that the results of this could possible lead to me not having to have supplementary oxygen at all :).

Take heart Castle .... and oxygen, if that's what's needed. It's not the end of the world and it doesn't mean you are weak. It means your heart, kidneys and liver will stay in good condition and - who knows - it may only be temporary :)

Congrats elian :)

Oh wow thats real encouraging thank you

I am learning so much here!

Me too. I tend to usually pop in and out without having time to say much but just flicking through th blogs is enough to make me feel so much better about my health. Wheres stitch and val's comments? krazylady and Gordon? Everyone on here is brilliant (yes lindie rose even you but guess you won t believe it) but they re my heroes.

Good luck castle xxx

Thank you Airbags

Hi I am new to this but wanted to say that I also have a problem accepting the fact that I need oxygen & still only use it if I feel I am really struggling. From some of the comments here it seems as if I should just be thankful that I have access to it & just except. Thanks folks .

I've recently been told I have IPF, and although I am not too debilitated at the moment have been told I will need oxygen in the near future. All your comments have been helpful and encouraging, I've learnt a lot. Thanks folks.


I've just been recommended for 15 hours as well. Only 1/2 litre as my sats are 88-91 at rest. Just on the border. Most will be done at night when I'm asleep and the nurse said make up the rest of the hours throughout the day. She said it does not have to be continuous for 15 hours.

I have been looking forward to it as I always had it in the back of my mind what damage low oxygen levels may be doing to my organs. I haven't started yet as I'm away from home for a week visiting family.

Off topic but is there an edit option ? I have to delete my post if I want to add something and do it again.

Thank you all so much for your comments and support but hey Ive been reprieved. I'm chuft to blazes, the consultant says there s an improvement in my condition. A little suspicious I asked him to check the equipment as for years I've been told I won't get any better but he just said see you in 6mnths. Wow oh wow. all I can think is that the exersizes have been worth it plus the stress that has dogged me for the last couple of years has lifted so maybe my improved lifestyle has helped too.

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