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never in a million years

Hi, after 4 months of antibitics , trying ventolin inhalers, xrays, chest and eye infections the doctor says to me "you could have COPD...but you have never probably not need a spirometry test in the next two weeks . Take this inhaler, which contains steroids ...just in case ..but dont use it until you have had the test .FIRST BOMBSHELL


I tried over several days of speaking to doctors receptionist to get a spirometry appointment...only to be told ...end of august/ sept which I replied NO GOOD ..I am so ill and the doc said 1/2 weeks . ..spoke to doc ...over the phone ...couldnt get appt to see him...his appt available then you will have to wait until september. SECOND BOMBSHELL

I decided on drastic action...after 25 yeas with the same surgery I changed doctors...BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE

Wednesday I took the change of surgery forms home

wednesday night / very early thursday morning thought about it ...filled in forms

8.00 am ..took in forms and was at DROP IN SURGERY.....brilliant idea

8.45 AM ..seen doctor..waiting for bloods to be taken in 1/2 hour and spirometry test BOOKED for Friday morning

Friday call from surgery ...bloods need repeating..appt booked immediately

Spirometry test done ...then get to see specialist nurse ..YES ..I do have COPD....3rd and final BOMBSHELL

This has taken my NEW SURGERY 2 days from start to diagnosis .....which would , after 4 1/2 months of being very ill at my old surgery....have still been on going .


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Good for you and welcome Val ;)


hank you...I am so frightened of this , it is good to know there are other < lots by the sound of it <, people with the same thing. I had never even heard of it . I have never smoked and at 61 was very fit and well until last april. So this is very very new to me . Any help from other sufferers will be so appreciated


You will get a lot of information on here read the blogs put in a search for what you are looking for. I am 51 yrs on long term oxygen still work in a office recently have been off sick but hope to get back soon.

Keep active healthy and mobile - I try my best to do these it helps but, it's the infections that knock you back Val


thank you so much ...i wish you well marie


Good for you. I suggest that as well as looking at this website you also ring the helpline. They are excellent and will be able to reassure you.



good on you cakelady -

wish all doctors where like that.

welcome to a wonderful site xx



Good for you, now you have new surgery ask for a referal to a respiratory consultant & pulmonary rehabilitation course. You will learn a great deal from the folk on here & the BLF web site.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


Good for you find information on benefits you are intitled to best wishes


Well done for taking hold of the reigns of life, changing surgery and getting the tests you need.

As Jo says (jojam) do ask your new doc for a referral to a respiratory consultant for further tests and also ask your GP about referral to pulmonary rehabilitation to help you manage your symptoms.

Don't forget to check out BLF's home pages:

Welcome to BLF health unlocked.


hi cakelady, glad you managed to get things sorted out, you are lucky, not all places will allow you to change to another surgery, hope you get all the treatment you need now. San x


It's amazing how a change of dr can change your life, and how few drs are up to date with copd and other lung ailments, is it because there is no quick fix, like a course of tabs and whoops you're cured, do drs only want to treat short illnesses not chronic ones. Best thing we did was change drs too.


welcome Thecakelady,

never trust a doctor that rules out something purely on the fact you have never smoked, and changing doctors was the best thing I have done too since becoming ill.

My name is Tony and i am 38yrs old with end stage Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Hypertension, I am now on the transplant list for a double lung transplant and having had this disease for less than a year i have shocked and stunned the medical professionals i have seen due to the fast progression and fact that i have a "smokers disease" but have never smoked a single cigarette in my life. Im glad you have found this group as we are all here to support each other as much as we can

All the best of luck for speedy results to your tests



Hi I smoked for many years, but because my father had suffered with Emphysema I had a test to see if it was hereditory, in my case it was not it was the smoking.

take care pollyj


Good for you! Glad you have got a correct diagnosis and will hopefully get the right meds. and life will start to improve. Ask if there is a respiratory team in your area to be referred to - they can help with referrals to pulmonary rehab etc. Take care TAD x


ask your docter to reviue what antibiotics your on seems to me you wer not that far from ambulance cae they kept me on amoxolin but untill i got doxycyclin .it never went allso steroids i allso steralise my neb withantibactrial spray and then wipe hope this helps bob


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