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Never ending respiratory infections

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Since before Christmas 2021 I have had four recurring lower respiratory infections. Prescribed antibiotics each time only for to become ill again about 7-10 days from the end of each course. The worst thing is the breathlessness each time that prevents me from doing anything. No temperature, no fever, no cough or cold. Not Covid or omnicron.

Coincidently I had a Pfizer booster about four weeks before the first respiratory infection and wondered if it had affected my weak lung, I had right middle lobe removed 2019 for non small cell cancer.

Apologies for my long post but I am feeling so despondent now at now being able to walk far at all. Prior to this I was walking up to 8 miles a day no problem.

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How long have you been prescribed antibiotics each time? And was antibiotic changed at all?I would be surprised you keep having recurring chest infections but would suggest that it is the same chest infection that isn’t clearing up.

I would have thought it would be sensible to have a long course of antibiotics to give it chance to clear up. It is unfortunate you are having breaks of 7-10 days of antibiotics because if still infected it just gives the bacteria chance to harden/strengthen itself and make it even more difficult to get rid of. This is same reasoning as to why we are told must finish a course of antibiotics even if feeling better.

You also need a different antibiotic. I am often given a broad range antibiotic but if chest infection has strong hold I need doxycycline. It isn’t uncommon for me to require several courses of antibiotics (and steroids) to become better. Even then it can be sometime for me to be fully recovered after original infection has gone.

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wpw62 in reply to Bevvy

Each course is for 7 days. I have had Amoxicillin three times and ciprofloxacin once, that gave me a very unpleasant metallic taste . They all gave me a severe allergic rash on my body. Also prescribed diuretics to combat the fluid in my lung. Result a severe rash. Then a course of antihistamines that gave me a fast heart rate.

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Bevvy in reply to wpw62

Well in my opinion gp needs to be more proactive. Gp should be contactable at day 6 if you no better so can continue with antibiotics without a break. Definitely not 7-10 days. Also clearly amoxicillin not working for you so need a different antibiotic but not one you may have allergic reaction to!Ultimately you need to go back to gp and ask for much longer course of antibiotics to really clear infection up!!

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wpw62 in reply to Bevvy

After the end of the 7 day course of antibiotics I do feel slightly better but then around day 10 it hits me again all of a sudden. I am seeing my oncologist at Papworth hospital on Monday and will insist on further investigations.

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kimmie52 in reply to wpw62

Hello I too have the same problems as you constant infection producing lots of phlegm and gunk but I am so limited now as I have a severe rash reaction to most antibiotics also they have affected my stomach and I have gastritis so its so difficult I am at my wits end I also have a thyroid problem and fybromyalgia I used to walk run and have a massive allotment but now I struggle to get through the day..

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wpw62 in reply to kimmie52

I am so sorry you are having the same problems as me. I am usually very positive about coping with my heart and lung problems but it is difficult at the moment. I wish you well.

That is all good advice from Bevvy. I wonder have you produced a sputum specimen for your GP? May be a good idea if you can get a specimen to determine the bacteria and therefore the right antibiotic. Really hope you can get this sorted, good luck xxx

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wpw62 in reply to HollyBoyd

My gp did ask me to produce a sputum sample but I have nothing to produce. X

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CDPO16 in reply to wpw62

I have that problem too. Very rarely cough other than a dry cough now and then.

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wpw62 in reply to CDPO16

I am exactly the same.

I was just about to say what Holly Boyd suggested about a sputum sample. Amoxicillin has never helped me when I've had an infection related flare up of COPD. I do know that it's been a bad winter for us lungies and I have had a mainly non infection flare keep recurring since mid October, finishing a course of doxycycline before Christmas and a third course of prednisolone just over two weeks ago. I still don't feel fully over it. Co incidentally, I began to have problems 10 days after my Phizer booster and did wonder if that had any bearing or was just a coincidence.

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wpw62 in reply to CDPO16

Can’t produce a sputum sample nothing to cough up. I do think the Pfizer booster has done something to my lung. I had an X-ray early January which showed the infection was only in my right lung. Where the fluid is.

At the start of the pandemic I was getting infection after infection. I sent a sputem sample in when it was cultivated they changed my rescue pack to co-amoxiclave as that's what the labs said would work on the infection I had. 10 days course and a few days later no infection it was great. Took a bit off time to get energy leaves up . But it did the trick now every time I get an infection I send a sputem sample in to the doctors. Good luck.

It's interesting you think the Pfizer booster may have kicked off your infection because my husband developed pneumonitis 2 weeks after his Pfizer booster. My husband is a lung transplant patient and it really set him back. The transplant clinic said it was viral pneumonitis of the COVID strain although his PCR tests were negative. However his immune system is severely limited by the anti rejection drugs he has to take so is at risk from any type of infection. I agree with everyone about pinning down your type of infection so that you can get the appropriate antibiotic and a longer course.

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wpw62 in reply to Biofreak

I hope your husband is getting better now

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Biofreak in reply to wpw62

Unfortunately he is back in hospital because his lung function has deteriorated and now has bronchiolitis obliterans which is being treated but is very resistant to antibiotics..

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wpw62 in reply to Biofreak

So sorry to hear that. Sending hugs 🤗

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Biofreak in reply to wpw62

Thanks. Hope they can get to the bottom of your continuing infection. Best wishes xx

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Alberta56 in reply to Biofreak

Best wishes to your husband and to you of course. Hope he's soon on the mend.


I had a very similar situation to you. I was put on steroids and a double dose of doxycyclin - so 4 first day followed by 2 a day for a week plus steroids. I also had to bring in a sputum sample. It did clear it up - whereas 2 separate lots of antibiotics beforehand had temporarily helped, but didn't work. It was picked up by chance by respiratory nurse, with me, prior to Covid getting going.

Hi, i was born with PCD, and have kept own antibiotics for about 40 years, because letting the infection take hold isn’t good. I now send sputum sample to surgery after full 14 days. As I’ve been fighting two nasties partying in lungs I will continue with antibiotics until have good sputum result showing they are gone. Perhaps you should send sputum before full course. I had 3 doses of Pfizer jab, no ill effects. Sorry you did. Best wishes

Very difficult to provide sputum as I don’t have anything to cough up. I have tried but no success

Before my diagnosis I had more than one episode when I was given 5 or 7 day courses of antibiotic, felt somewhat better for a short time, then started feeling ill again. Bevvy is quite right- you need a 14 day course to knock the bugs out.

Hi I too have never ending chest infections and have found taking prednisilone with antibiotics for 2/3 weeks gives me longer breaks in between chest infections also try changing to a different antibiotic Hope this helps Take care xx

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wpw62 in reply to Rosiespace

Thanks that’s very helpful

I’m exactly the same I get about a 10 day break and back it comes again. I also can’t provide the sputum sample the doctor asked for. I stayed on antibiotics for nearly 3 weeks this time, so I have fingers crossed. Last year I went on Azrithromicin 3 times a week and for 6 months I had no infections, it was wonderful! But this year I’ve had two infections so far so have gone off it and back to my ordinary antibiotics until I can get this under control ( I hope!).

I was having recurring chest infections until my lung consultant put me on the antibiotic, azithromycin, as a prophylactic about 6 years ago. I take it 3 times a week all the time. Since then I’ve only had one chest infection, and that was in the first year when the consultant told me to have an antibiotic break because ‘nobody gets chest infections in the summer.’ I did and it’s one of the worst ever!

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wpw62 in reply to helenlw7

Thanks for the information I will put this to my consultant.

I had recurring chest infections for years. When I was diagnosed with NSOP over 3 years ago I was prescribed 2 prophylactic antibiotics to keep me as well as possible- Monday Wednesday. Friday Axithromycin.Tuesday Thursday Saturday /cotrix anole. I’ve only had 1 infection in 3 years.

If I had an infection I have To stop The axithromycin, whilst I’m taking the rescue package ,Usually doxycycline. I have to take increased steroids as advised by my consultant. Then I have to stop my immunosuppressants while I’m on the Doxy. Do you have a consultant ?

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wpw62 in reply to Oshgosh

Hi Oshgosh, I saw my oncologist today. Had an x-Ray with showed a marked increase of fluid in my lung since November. Had a BNP blood test to check proteins in my heart on Wednesday I am having a CT scan and the the fluid will be drained for analysis. What does NSOP stand for? I haven’t heard of this.

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Oshgosh in reply to wpw62

Hi,things certainly seem to be moving.I’ve done a quick google,I can’t find any of information abou NSOP.I can’t find anything about it.I hope CT goes wellx

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