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Getting closer to what's happening

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Hi guys

I would like to think I'm getting closer with my breathless feeling even at rest as you know, I've been quiet persistent with the professionals, next week I'm seeing a gastroligist at the hospital and the week after I'm having what the call a hydrogen test where I blow every 20 minutes for 3 hours I raised my bed by 8 Inc and that has taken away the asthma like symptoms as I've a 5cm hiatus hernia and reflux, I'm still not convinced though I'm still persistent with the copd and convinced I've got hyperinflated lungs emphysema I've given my doctor such a headache that she has now referred me to see a respiratory team at the hospital 4 years I've felt like this as many of you maybe aware that I had great spirometry results in 2019 and my doctors are still convinced that I would blow normal spirometry readings now I'm trying to think this is all my hiatus hernia what ever I eat or drink I blow right up and it effects my diaghram well it would do there for it triggers dysfunctional breathing. I'm still having physio with respiratory and they say it's not copd related as my doctors say surely they would know they are the professionals after my doctor says she has tried to reasure me my lungs are ok and she is sending me to the respiratory team at hospital to reasure me I also had a chest xray last Friday and I've not had any results back I guess that may be good hiw can my doctors be so confident based on results my doctors says i havant got copd any feed back would be welcomed xx

19 Replies
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Hi Bryan, you’ve persisted and hopefully that persistence will pay off. You feel things aren’t right so let’s see what the outcome is. Hope you get your x-Ray results soon.

Wishing you well. Take care xxx

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bryan45735 in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy hope you guys are well xx

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sassy59 in reply to bryan45735


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hi i have a hiatus hernia too and im experincing some horrible sysmoms . im thinking about buying a iqoro device woundered have you ever try one of these

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bryan45735 in reply to Mrshappyme

Hi Mrs mrshappyme these symptoms are very pleasant are they no I haven't tried that device

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lenniep in reply to Mrshappyme

can I ask what a iqoro device is please. I too have a Hiatus Hernia and I’m on every medication I think there is to help it but at times even they don’t help much.

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I hope that the coming weeks bring you some answers. Best wishes

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As always Bryan, wishing you the very best ×× P

It sounds like the hernia and reflux are the root of your problems, as per the advice you’ve had previously from members on here, Bryan. To answer your question, I think your doctors are confident it’s not a lung issue based on your various, previous test results and the fact that you do have other, medically proven diagnoses that can cause the symptoms you’ve been having. But, hopefully, seeing the respiratory team will finally give you the certainty you need, one way or the other, about your lungs.

From personal experience, I will just say that even when the patient is ultimately right, sometimes pushing and pushing the medics can work against us, rather than help the situation. I’ve found it can be a case of needing to work smarter rather than harder, and that’s sometimes meant ‘playing the game’ to prove the point. Assuming your spirometry is still good, and/or respiratory don’t find anything else of note, then I’d suggest concentrating on getting the gastro side of things and your dysfunctional breathing under control for a bit. If you successfully do that and still find you’re having problems, at least then you can go back to the doctors with proof that it’s not all down to the hernia and reflux.

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Hi Bryan I am keeping my fingers crossed for you getting your results back soon so you can get some help for whatever it takes to be well.

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Patchyl in reply to B0xermad

U know u say u have asthma that is a lung issue and it does in some cases develop into copd which is a combination of lung issues bronchial and emphysema are two such combinations it could also be environmental as air badly polluted

and y don't need to have ever smoked to suffer such diseases it also could be heart or kidney or liver probe all give of breathlessness symptoms or u could be having a reaction to medication or foods diet high cholesterol hope ur probs with breathless issues are solved for u

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B0xermad in reply to Patchyl

Hi patchyl,yes I have emphysema copd bronchiectasis and asthma things do trigger symptoms

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This may be of no relevance to you, so please ignore if it is.

My late husband used to swell up when he ate milk based foods - he could add 16 inches onto his waist from fluid moving there from other parts of his body. We found out what it was by doing a food diary and then an elimination diet.

To do a food diary, write down the date, time, short description of the food you have eaten and drinks you have drunk, and your symptoms. From that you can spot if you have the same reaction after certain foods or drinks (which may be on a time scale from immediately to several hours), or not.

If you do notice a pattern, ask to be referred to a dietitian and explain why. Your food diary will be useful for helping them make treatment decisions.

Sadly, as we were doing this in the late 1980s to mid 90s, the reaction we got was 'meddling old women going to health food shops' from the health professionals of the time, which is why I then studied dietetics at uni.

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hI BRYAN i not seen my consulant for 2 years now last time i seen him he said hes got some one training with him he past me to hoim sent me for a blood test heard nothing since i now do easy execises on morning to get my mobilty starting use my ebuliser to get lung going i am 58 years old am i coming to end of life i asked my doctor there been no reply have a good day ghoust rider

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Persisitence usually pays off wishing you all the best with the results of your x ray

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hi im haviging problems too which i think its all caused by my hiatus hernia . its convincing the doctors to refer me to a hiatus hernia consutant who k ows more about hernis good luck i hope you get it sorted . let me know if you find out if this is your hernia causing it all the best .

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I have a small hiatus hernia with reflux . I also have mild COPD and asthma. At times after I eat my tummy is puffed out and I have pain . I kept track of what I ate at dinner. I have a dish with pasta and had those symptoms. Tried some noodles with a meal and once again I looked like I was pregnant🤣🤣 so it's certain carbs that cause this issue with me. The worse of these issues is that I have a hard time breathing when I have these symptoms .I take a few Gas X but it will take several hours to feel better. Good luck with your tests and hope you get answers

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hopefully you’ll get some answers. Stay strong 🐞

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Yr continuing with physio for dysfunctional breathing is commendable.i hope it is helping.its great that youve eased some symptoms already.i hope gastro people can help with yr hernia x

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