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Denosumab / Prolia ? Opinions


Has anyone here had Prolia ( Denosumab ) as they kept forgetting to take Alendronic acid . Prolia is a 6 monthly injection. I have been googling and become very alarmed. I certainly wont have it again. I would be grateful if anyone who has had it could share their experiences.

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I couldn't get on with any of the osteoporosis meds well not all because I didn't try all but I have known many who have been and are just fine on them (from years past). You might want to post this concern in the Bone Health community here at HU

the helpline for same is here:

Good luck


I have the Zolendro ic acid one which is every twelveonths and I've been fine. Hope this helps have a good day and take care😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Mavary in reply to Damon1864

That’s the one I couldn’t have as with one tablet of alendronic acid I was violently sick.

Hi, try the bone health forum, There has been much debate about Prolia there.

Hi kirsty3. I have been having Prolia injections for the past 3 years with no ill effects. I am also pleased that I have had no further vertebral collapse during that time. Difficult decision, but my Dexa scan wasn't good so was advised by rheumatologist to have the treatment. Hope this helps. Carol xxx

I had no choice. I couldn’t take alendronic acid tablet so that ruled out the other injection. I’ve got osteoporsis quite bad and was on teriparitide for two years then I went on to Denosumab. I’ve had no bad reaction to it at all. It’s better than the alternative. I’ve got three back fractures that put me in hospital. They just went unexpectedly. I had a broken foot without doing anything and I’ve got a fractured hand which I did fall on. My bone density was —5.5. It is now —4.3. Still bad but not as bad.

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