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Lung transplant second opinion update.

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Saw the very nice team at the Royal Papworth following the Harefields decision to delist me.

Where do i begin?

First of all what a place, futuristic, buzzing with energy and you just knew you were in a different league.

They haven’t said yes but more importantly not a no either.

Bottom line is they want me in for 3 days soon for a top to bottom extensive assessment before they decide.

They have said i am a riskier candidate due to the mini stroke i had during the coronary stent in January but seemed pleased i am recovering extremely quickly with just mild residual damage which may well sort itself out soon.

Was planning a romantic lunch and a punt down the Cam but torrential rain started as soon as my wallet came out so will save for another day.

Mrs B drove there and back and is still sulking due to my non stop moaning about her not going into 6th gear soon enough wasting fuel.🤣🤣🤣

Stay safe all of you xx

Ps forgot to say was rushed into hospital on Wednesday for a stuck kidney stone ( 7mm).

Morphined up right now acting like Ozzy Osbourne.


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Hi Mr B.Ouch. That kidney stone must have been painful

I am glad that the Papwoth visit has led to further investigation but sad that the romantic punt on the river didn’t happen.However, the weather may be better when you go back for your 3 day visit.

Good wishes for the next stage.


Wow Mrb you sound as if you’re in a really good place and I can’t wait to hear what Papworth say. Hoping for the best outcome. Damn that rain! Lol.

Hope that kidney stone is dispersed soon. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Xxx🥰

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Hi Mrbojangles let's hope you get a yes after your full assessment fingers crossed. Have a good night both of you and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Good luck with this assessment Mr B xx

Wishing you the very best! 😊

Sounds positive- good luck with the next assessment and hope the kidney stone is soon sorted. I’m sure you’ll get better weather on your next visit- punting on the Cam on a sunny day is a delight!

Fingers crossed for you Mr B , it sounds like Papworth is the best place to be for this transplant. Shame about the romantic punt but there will be other days when the weather cheers up, although its so cold here in Manchester I am worried we wont be getting a summer if this continues. Hope you get the kidney stone sorted x

Take care & 🤞you hear from them really soon x

Hope your full MOT at Papworth goes well. Kidney stones sounds painful, hope the drugs are working. You take care and save a few more pennies to treat your wife x😊

Hope you feel better soon after that kidney stone.

Good luck with your assessment. I remember having a car with a sixth gear. I never used it because it seemed so many moves away from second/third (my favoured options😂). An automatic takes all that stress away haha. Weren’t you lucky being able to put your wallet back in your pocket!

So glad that Papworth have decided to give you a thorough check to see if you are a suitable candidate or not for transplant. It sounds like an amazing place. Shame about the weather. Hope your kidney stone can be sorted sooner rather than later.

Best of luck with your transplant assessment MrB! I've had kidney stones twice. Both times infected the kidney and brought me to my knees. Had surgery the first time and lithotripsy the second event. You have my sympathy and hope you get relief soon.

Wishing you good luck with your assessment 😊

That sounds good news Mr B. Wishing you the best of luck for your assessment when it comes. Hopefully it won't be raining next time you visit Cambridge !!! 😊

Sounds hopeful to me. We’re glasses half full aren’t we Mr B. So I’m rooting for you 🤞🏼

If you're Mrs is anything like Sharon Osborne, then you'll come through this! I've never been to Cambridge and you've set me a target. The river that is, not the transplant. There are better days ahead and I'm hopeful for you. NB I played one of your dad's songs to a hospital patient last week. He was full of stories about Brendan Beehan and the writer John B Keane. Unconnected of course. He (the patent). was a humorous guy. A nurse had been concerned he was lying at the edge of his bed. She asked him "Why are you lying at the edge of your bed? *. He answered " The other side is for my wife. "" And where is she now? " the nurse asked. He replied" I kicked her out! "

Very best wishes to you Mr Bojangles.

I'm so pleased to hear they are going to do all the full testing and hope that the outcome is beneficial to you.

But I think pushing your luck over your wife's driving is probably more dangerous than the potential transplant! I'd watch what she puts in your tea if I were you! 🤣🤣🤣

Rotten luck having that kidney stone. I've never had one but I have famiy and friends who have and I know they all described the absolute agony before they got to hospital (and until they were given strong painkillers). I do hope you've recovered now and got over the shock of it.

Shame about your meal, but something to look forward to next time you go - as you saved that money last time you can spend twice as much next time! 👍👍👍

xx Moy

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