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New medication while in hospital


Hi. Thought I would let people know there is a alternative to carbosistine for loosening mucous. Alan as been given a one a day to be dissolved in water called Nacsys 600mg. Obviously easier than taking 6 a day. They then stopped the seretide and spiriva and gave him a 3 in one inhaler called Trimbow 2 twice a day. This is after a 5 day stay in hospital on ivs for a nasty bug. This might help people out there who find swallowing tablets hard . Regards

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Hi barst

My husband was given this Nac 600 instead of carbocysteine when he was in hospital in Switzerland. He preferred it as he could take it as a drink in the morning . When we returned to England he did get a prescription of it but then it was changed back to Carbocysteine.

Not sure why. I do know NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) is classed as a food supplement in England and can be bought in Health Food shops and online as well as prescribed.

Best wishes


Thanks for the info barst. Something to think about. Xxxx


For a drug which can be purchased without a prescription the patient information leaflet is very interesting.

It should not be taken by anyone with asthma. It should not be taken within two hours either side of taking antibiotics.

As both of these issues could affect many of us and there are, as usual, a host of orher possible side effects.

I can see that it can be useful but I would seriously suggest having a chat with your GP before buying them.

I cannot tolerate any form of mucolyte so it’s the hard boring way for me.

That's interesting, have made a note of Nacsys just in case. I am surprised that you are still on seretide because when I attended a pulmonary rehab course last year the nurse told us that they have stopped prescribing it because it can cause pneumonia. A friend of mine was switched from seretide to Symbicort 400 turbohaler and improved within a few weeks.


Think sometimes it takes a hospital

Consultant to look at your medications. We seldom go to our doctors so they just sign the prescription every two months. Think he was on seretide for ten years and admitted 3 times with pneumonia. Regards

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