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New medication for COPD.

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Good morning all. I have not posted on here for a bit as I have had covid twice and it has left me with long covid, which I am trying to get sorted out. I had my yearly check up with the COPD nurse at my doctors surgery. She said to me that there is a powder inhaler called Trelegy Ellipta and would I like to try it. I am currently on Trimbow which I take 2 puffs twice a day and have been for a couple of years with no problems. This Trelegy you only need to take once a day. I thought that would be ok if it worked. I have only been on it for 2 days and am expected to take it for a month to see what happens. My question is to u lovely people, has anybody tried Trelegy and how did they find it. Thank you for your time. 👍🤓

34 Replies
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Hello Roysie. It's been ages!! We did wonder how you were and it's so good to hear from you although I am sorry you have had to deal with Covid and now long Covid. I cannot help with your question but I just wanted to say hi. I hope things improve for you very soon. Cas xx 👋😊

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Roysieboy in reply to Caspiana

Hello Cas. Have had a few rough years what with covid, spells in hospital and then long covid. I used the Trelegy for 2 days and I got headache blurred vision so I have gone back to Trimbow and have got to ring the doctors on Monday NHS 111 told me to do this. Hope all is well at your end. Best wishes. 👍🤓 xx

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Yes I have been taking it for a few years. No problems whatsoever.

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tillie in reply to tillie

Should have mentioned rinse month after taking it.

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Roysieboy in reply to tillie

Hello Tillie. If u read my reply to Cas, you will see what happened. I have to rinse my mouth after using Trimbow. Thank you for answering. 👍🤓

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Hi Roysie, I’m on Trilegy Ellipta and seem to have no problems although I prefer my old Tiotropium Bromide as that didn’t have steroids in it. My advice is after you inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds, make sure you rinse your mouth out with water and then gargle and spit out otherwise you will get a hoarse voice and sore throat (due to the steroids - and some people even get thrush in their mouth although I’ve never had that). Best wishes, Jan

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Roysieboy in reply to JulyAugust

Thank you for your comments Jan. Trelegy made me feel bad so am back on Trimbow until I speak to the doctor next week. x 👍🤓

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I have been on Trelegy for the past 2 Years No problems at present, works well.

Started on Trimbow, first but did not work.

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I've been on it for 3 years now. No problems but for me it doesn't work that well as I still am very breathless. Hope it works for you.

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Roysieboy in reply to pleeloh38

Hello pleeloh 38. Thanks for your comments. I only used it 2 days and got headache and blurred vision. Have gone back on Trimbow. 👍🤓

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Hi Roysie, yes I was in Trelegy for 3 years a while ago and it worked well for me, but then my usual cough became worse due to the asthma component of the COPD and the consultant changed it back to higher dose Relvar and back to Incruse as well. This has worked for me.

I would say give it a try and see if it helps you.


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I see that some people have answered your question, but just wanted to say I’m sorry that you have had such a bad time with Covid and I very much hope that you get better soon.

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Roysieboy in reply to bluepuddy

thank you for your comment. Onwards and upwards. Best wishes. 👍🤓

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bluepuddy in reply to Roysieboy

All the best 👍

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Hi yes my husband has been on trilogy for over 4 years once a day and has got on with it very well. He has brain damage and heart failure as well but manages the inhaler very well. I believe since he went on it he has not needed his reliever inhaler often at all. Hope this helps

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hi Roysieboy

Long time no see! I’m afraid can’t answer your question but good to hear from you……how’s the garden going? I remember your lovely flower photos 🌺🌸🌼🌹🌻

Roysieboy profile image
Roysieboy in reply to Yatzy

Hello Yatzy. Hope all is well with you. I only do hanging baskets and pots with flowers now as I struggled with the gardening. I had artificial grass put down. Makes life easier. Best wishes. 👍🤓

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Yatzy in reply to Roysieboy

I bet the baskets and pots look beautiful in your care. 🌺🌷🌼🍀 The artificial grass is a good idea, we inherited some when we moved house almost 5 years ago, wondered whether we’d replace it in time but it’s good quality, a natural colour and only requires a sweep now and then. It’s a good dry surface under garden furniture so we’ve been pleased to keep it.

Stay well, Roysieboy xx

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good day matey i have copd to i am on a ebuliser 4 times a day i have a tracky in my kneck & new moamer in system / asma / broical problems / so i feel for people with copd / all the best ghoust rider

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I have been using Treligy for several years now and it has worked really well for me.

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Roysieboy in reply to janno

Thank you jab o for your thoughts. Had to slow down a bit as I am 80 next month. I find slowing down hard but it’s got to be done. Good luck. 👍🤓

Hobbledehoy profile image

Yes, I also was (happily) on Trimbow & was recommended Trelegy by the surgery’s Clinical Pharmacist. I understood that it was an eco-recommendation cos it has no propellant! It was fine - although I didn’t quite being able to taste the powder. My specialist chest nurse in surgery clinic says either good, just preference. Own research beforehand tallies. Eventually went back on Trimbow, for no particular reason. Your choice!

Roysieboy profile image
Roysieboy in reply to Hobbledehoy

Hello my friend. I could not believe how ill Trelegy made me feel after only 2 days of use. Trimbow for me at the moment. Thanks for replying. 👍🤓

Hobbledehoy profile image
Hobbledehoy in reply to Roysieboy

Good luck! 🍀

pepparuby1 profile image

I was on it for when I did a clinical trial for 18 months. Unfortunately for me I had more exasperations last year than ever and I went back to spiriva respimat and symbicort. It’s obviously different for some of us and only changed back two months ago so fingers crossed

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Roysieboy in reply to pepparuby1

Good luck mate. Hope all works out for you. 👍🤓

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I’ve been using Trelegy for several years now and it has dramatically reduced the number of flare-ups I have suffered. It might not work for everyone, but it does for me.

Vicki1234 profile image

Trelegy has been out for a couple of years. I don't use it. I still prefer my Symbicort. But a friend of mine has been using it for over a year and really likes it.

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Just tried Trelegy and found out I can not take the steriods in it and also cause me to feel like I was crawling out of my skin only after a couple days use, so back to Albuterol for me, but every body is differant so good luck to you sir and give it a shot it may be your magic bullet!

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Putsywillow1 in reply to desertracer

I, too, have tried Trelegy & experienced similar side effects. It was like someone knocked the wind out of me. It’s a powder & I found it an irritant as well.I’ve gone back to the Stiolto Respimat that I’ve taken for 4-5 years. I’ve recently been prescribed Asmanex HFA which is a steroid to use as well, but only 1 puff a day. I have emphysema & supposedly asthma - out of breath but few exacerbations. I’m 81 yrs. old - I guess I shouldn’t complain!


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Im good Catgirl, Im getting two new kittens, Happy Birthday to Baby

pepparuby1 profile image

they are grey maincoon almost! they were born on 13/2/23 and i get them end of april, Pepparuby i think will like them as she likes to play and Hector doesnt play. sounds on going your situation with the house and work, very stressful, but you are managing by the sounds of it with exercise and keeping busy

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Yes I have tried it. It was not good for me..gave me a sinus infection after using it only a couple of times. Funnily enough, I was then put on trimbow and I am still on it. I hope you fair better than me.

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HI, don’t know why I’ve just received your posts, from 25 days ago!! Im not able to recommend any treatments for you as my condition isn’t like yours, however I’m sorry to hear that you have long covid and hope that you can overcome it. Best wishes, Jean x

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