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Back in hospital for the 11th time

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Hi allJust letting you all know that for the 11th time ive been hospitalised for same reason as before (dangerous oxygen drop)

Recently ive also been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension

A few weeks ago I had a procedure in sheffield because ventricle in my heart has become enlarged so ive been given sildenafil to open the veins up to let the oxygen in & reduce breathlessness

The latest one ive started having is panic attacks which started on saturday. Everytime i get worked up it happens & my oxygen levels dropped

Has anyone else ecperienced psnic attacks

14 Replies
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Hi Sara, sorry that you are having such a rough time. I have panic attacks, usually coming on suddenly and for no reason that I can identify. They are relatively short lived but very unpleasant while they last. Practising relaxation can help along with mindfulness. Personally I find that distraction works better for me.

I hope that your medical team soon deal with your lung problems and that you are well enough to go home. Best wishes, Carole.

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Sara_2611 in reply to CDPO16

Thanks carol ohope to come out tuesdau

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CDPO16 in reply to Sara_2611

Good luck for when you get home xx

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Sara_2611 in reply to Sara_2611

Im finally out now & staying overnight at mum & dads tonight before going home on wedesday yo be in for the pharmacist from wythenshaweto dtop off the nintedanib, (i think)

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I used to suffer from Health anxiety and this caused terrible panic attacks. I still have a few and its brought on by overthinking a situation. . Sometimes I worry that going out will cause breathlessness and if I think this as soon as I step outside I panic. I think I am not going to make it to my car .

I try and rush by walking too fast and not breathing correctly even holding my breath . This then brings on a Panic attack

I have learned to control these . I now sit down and calm myself before leaving the house. Control my breathing and not overthink the situation.

It's the same with the stairs. I breathe in on first step and out slowly on third and so on. This way I get to the top no problem

Its mind over matter, even singing a song or anything not to think too much. It's all about breathing too fast so you have to control that. Just remember you wont die from a Panic attack

Good luck, I know its easier said than done, but practice makes perfect and keep calm. xxSheila 💕⚘

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Sorry to hear this, Sara. There was a lot about panic attacks on this site some time ago. You're obviouly not the only one afflicted by them. xxxx

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Sara_2611 in reply to Alberta56

Thankfully im out now. Going home wednesday staying at folks tonight

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yes I have and they are awful starts me fighting for my breath . And I get so stressed and that makes them worse

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It can be a vicious circle. A bit of apprehension about something makes you breathless and being breathless triggers a panic which in my case then leads to a racing heart but like other members I have learned the techniques to combat this (most times). I find it happens more if there is no one with me at the time.

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Sara_2611 in reply to Tykelady

What techniques

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Tykelady in reply to Sara_2611

In my case it is trying to slow my breathing down and breathing with my diaphragm and not my upper chest. It takes some time but pulmonary rehab gives you hints on relaxation and meditation.

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horseygirl_0103 in reply to Tykelady

Cheers Im home now - they keep saying all th usual tests are ok & nothing more they can do & tried to send me home satuday i persuaded to let them have me stay in until then but they let me out tuesday - I managed to wangle a scan as an inpatient because i was concerned about my ribs being cracked cos of my hard coughing

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Panic attacks+ anxiety r a major cause of low 02& breathing difficulties.mindsmatter (nhs,Tel no online) offer various courses if u want to prevent acute anx × panic attacks

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Sara_2611 in reply to Patk1

Ok thanks a lot

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