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Long time since I have posted


Hi everyone hope you are all as well as can be expected and have managed to dodge the flu 😟 , I ended up in hospital Christmas night couldn’t breathe then spent a week in bed at home as only have upstairs toilet facilities, I was so scared I have never had an exacerbation like it hospital took blood and X-ray couldn’t find any sign of infection so sent me home told me to carry on with the steroids , even now 5/6 weeks later I get so tired , I am just about to have a pulmonary rehab assessment as although I have done 2courses over the last 4 /5 years I feel it would be good to do it again .

Sorry I have not been in for so long but have missed you all , take care and hope all are doing ok

Love Cales xx

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Missed you too cales and wishing you all the very best. Hope you feel better soon. Xxxx

I hope you are feeling better now xx

cales in reply to Carnival567

I am feeling much better thank you Just easily tired but think the weather doesn’t help xx


Hope you are now feeling lots better. Take care. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

So very sorry to hear that you're struggling. I hope that you will be feeling better really soon. XXX

The flu has really been unbelievable this year. It is 4 weeks since I started with the flu and still have a bad cough that I just can't seem to get rid of plus am more short of breath than normal as well. I am also very tired and have been having a nap that can last an hour or so after lunch and again after supper and have no problem sleeping through the night.

cales in reply to jackdup

Sounds like your having a rough time of it , several people I know have said it can last for 5/6 weeks, here’s hoping that you soon feel much better xx

jackdup in reply to cales

Yes, thank you, and you too.

Hope you feel better soon Cales x

Hello Cales.

So nice to see you. Am sorry to hear about your breathing struggles. I hope you continue to improve.

Sending best wishes.

Cas xx 🌹

hope you feel better soon.

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