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do you think I could be long covid

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just a thought, I’ve have a lot of time in my sick bed with a chest infection and just wanted to put something out there If you don’t all mind. In April last year I contracted Covid, I wasn’t to bad with it and thought I recovered quite well, but I have had a lot of thinking time. So here goes a long and probably boring post. April Covid, May unwell then found out I had a blood clot on my lung, was treated with blood thinners until August, was fine until September then had a chest infection which lasted about two weeks and was okish, the odd ache and pain and then in December another chest infection which has last until to date. Always been ok before Covid and now just have horrible chest infections. Could it be long Covid or is it just bad luck with my health at the moment. All your comment and experiences would be greatly received. Sorry In advance just looking for answers. Thanks for reading

11 Replies
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I'm sorry I can't help, but I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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Long Covid tends to have symptoms similar to ME/CFS and they are not attributed to necessarily getting repeated chest infections and there like. Sounds more like following Covid and then blood clot, you have been run down and therefore more susceptible to picking up infections. Maybe try some decent vitamin tablets, fresh food and good live yogurt to boost your immune system.

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Have you had a sputum sample checked to see what’s there & ensure you’ve been given the right antibiotics?

Also exercise when you can is important and probiotics are good for overall health as well as vitamins

Hope you improve soon

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Cimmy in reply to Phill1

had an emergency face to face app on Saturday, saw an out of hours doctor, he gave me 3 days of steroids and an inhaler. He advised me to arrange a sputum test and chest X-ray with my GP. Which I’m trying to do this morning but can’t get through to the surgery yet but I won’t give up.

Thank you for your kind reply

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After 2 infections back to back 3 courses of antibiotics and 2 bouts of covid with antivirals all within 6weeks my consultant and physio nurse recommended that I take bio kult probiotics for 30/60 days to counteract the effects of all things going on in my system. Beware they make you constipated so lots of things to help you go is needed good luck.I have been in recovery for 3days and started feeling like myself again

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Cimmy in reply to B0xermad

oh my goodness you poor thing you’ve been through the mill. I saw an emergency doctor on Saturday and now have a short course of steroids and an inhaler, so hopefully will turn a corner. Take care of yourself and I wish you a speedy recovery

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B0xermad in reply to Cimmy

I am fine now thank you .steroids are amazing in getting back on track I always feel superhuman after a short course and having bronchiectasis its often, let's hope they do the trick for you .

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It could be than you havent been treated properly, put a sputum sample in so they know what antibiotics to give you. You could also be run down and open to infections so as Bevvy says a good probiotic and decent vitamins will help you. Hope you get better soon x

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Hi Cimmy,

You could ask for a chest x-ray/scan to see if there is any scar tissue from Covid/lung infections. Plus all the other advice you've had. Maybe after your sputum is checked.

Hope you feel better soon.

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There r s lot more symptoms associated with long covid.its a bad year for nasty viruses affecting chest.even the heavy cold is leaving many with chest infections ths chat to dr if yr concerned

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probably long Covid it’s ruined my hea

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