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I posted a month ago about exercise, things have improved.

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I'm pretty much at 6 months into my recovery now and most of the tiredness from pneumonia has lifted. I can over exert, but we are talking 60 minutes plus of exercise to make me feel it the following day.

As I got back to full time work, I decided to slightly reduce the amount of walking distance I was doing to again find my baseline. I've done 2 weeks of physio now also, and each session is 60 minutes. I managed the second one rather well, although I do still get aches and pains.

I'm managing 20 minute walks almost every day, plus pottering around the house, and doing things, such as bring the shopping up when delivered.

I can stand in the shower now!

My leg weakness is reducing too. My neck pain was diagnosed as cervical spondylitis, and the physio thinks its related to my deconditioned state. I was on bed rest for 3 months pretty much, so lost a lot of muscle mass. To reverse that, could take 6 months, and i've been exercising for around 2 months.

Thankfully, my neck seems to be improving with the treatment program. However I need a fair amount of painkillers on some days, just depends!

The aim is to build up to 30 minute walks and hopefully have the strength in 1-2 months to resume jogging, when my legs are strong enough.

Sleep is improving, and the use of a worry diary helps, but I only do one when needed. Most days I have no worries now, as day to day, what is there to worry about that needs my attention that night!

So all going in the right direction!

13 Replies
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Good news. Keep going, you’re doing well. Xxx

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Wow, this is amazing progress. Thank you for the update and the hope it brings to those of us who are a little behind you.

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Your posts are a sight for sore eyes. They show so much determination and it's paying off!!Well done.

Gladwyn profile image

Well done! You are inspiring me to make the effort. Thanks 😃🦋

Itzallgood1 profile image

This is awesome news. I'm happy you are in almost full swing. So very happy for you. 😊

cofdrop-UK profile image

Good news natswright Cx

Damon1864 profile image

That's great news you are really on the way up which is nice to know. Keep working at it and have a great day. Keep us updated on how you get on and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

That's great to hear you are making amazing progress!

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What a wonderful report and congratulations , on hanging in there as you have , to succeed to this point.May the future remain bright.


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Great to hear of your improvements. Xx

Nicholatracy profile image

That’s great news 🐞

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Great news Your doing really well

You should be proud of yourself natswright. Well done on your achievement.

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