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Post Covid/Long Covid with Bronchiectasis

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Hi all

Just looking for some advice, I went away for a short break to Spain in early October, anyway when I came back I had caught Covid, on the plane I'm guessing, as I was ok whilst I was there. I knew having mild Bronchiectasis that I would probably be in trouble, however the actual covid, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, yes I got breathless moving around, but not really to bad.

Then I tested negative and was ok for a couple of days, then all of a sudden I started to feel very ill, I actually thought I must of caught it again, but another test proved negative, I felt so sick I thought I was going to die, so I seen my GP who said it could last sometime, as I was now in post covid, which often effects people, and can be worse than the virus itself, she certainly wasn't wrong there.

So it has been up and down since then, with me feeling ok for a couple of days, then feeling sick again. Anyway here I am in December and still not right, I'm guessing this has probably made my Bronchiectasis worse now, as I was able to manage ok before, and live a relatively normal life, but it has been anything but since October, it's getting very depressing now, as I can't seem to do much without feeling sick, and I'm beginning to wonder if this is my life from now on.

So has anyone else experienced anything like this, and if so, how are you coping with it, I was also wondering about anything herbal in the way of medicine, as my GP gave me some pills to to subside the nauseousness, but they aren't always that good.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

11 Replies
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I sincerely hope that gp listened to your chest, its quite common to get a chest infection after covid needing a very good antibiotic for two weeks to clear it. P

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TG58 in reply to peege

Yes she did, but it was after covid, and it wasn't to bad then as I had already started my emergency pack. I was ok for a couple of days after, but up and down since then, it's horrible because with post covid, you feel ok for a couple of days and think your on the mend, then it just comes back. I started another course of antibiotics on Sunday as I was feeling very weezy and coughing a lot of green phlegm, not to bad at the moment though. One thing I have realised is the cold air in my lungs isn't good anymore, I'm a postman and haven't worked since mid October since I got it, so of late was trying to get out for short walks to build my stamina back up, but the cold air getting in my lungs these last few days has been awful.

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peege in reply to TG58

i wear Buff (see amazon). Has to be the Buff brand as its treated to wick away breath moisture. They're marvellous and have prevented me from getting asthma exacerbations due to cold air closing g my airways on many occasions.

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GintyFerguson in reply to peege

Which Buff do you use? Sounds good . I've been looking for effective nose and mouth cover against the cold for years .

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Patk1 in reply to TG58

Wear a scarf loosely so it covers mouth + nose& warms the air.also breathing thro nose to warm it.i was nauseous with intense burning in stomach for long time after.whn walking I use controlled breathing technique.put a sample iof chest mucous in for to talk to gp for best way u do dedicated sessions to empty mucous frm lungs?

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i only get the Buff brand. I only have the fine Merino wool ones, they're plain colours. I've also got a couple of black ones made of bamboo fibres........mind you, I always get the kids size as I've a small head!

Another thing I did back in 2012/13 was to spend Xmas gift money on two cashmere pashminas. They are fantastically warm & get dragged up to cover my face on many occasions. The best investment I ever made because they're still in perfect condition.

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I am very similar to yourself ,in April I trsted positive for covid ,my chest wasn't to bad at all ,tested positive for 15days it took me six weeks to get over it ,although I say six weeks to get over I haven't been quite right since ,I was in hospital a few weeks ago with chest infection in the end I took four weeks of antibiotics, still don't think chest has cleared properly, usually chest clears up with two weeks of antibiotics, and yes I'm fed up of feeling sick,but I've put it fown to medication

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TG58 in reply to Alice70

That sounds bad Alice. I have been to the hospital for chest pain, but it doesn't look like it's heart related, and apparently covid can cause chest pain. I guess all in all I've had this since the 17th October, I think the worse thing for me is, having a couple of good days, and you think it's passed, then the nausea comes on again, it's like one step forward and two steps back, I really hope we get back to normal soon.

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Hope you start to improve soon. Have you read Nat wright's posts recording her long, slow recovery from Long Covid?

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TG58 in reply to Alberta56

Thank you, no I haven't read that, I will look for it, and have a read.

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