Just out of hospital again

Hi All,

Just spent another week in hospital, had a week off work with a bad chest infection, had antibiotics & steroids from my GP, was at the asthma clinic for my injections and check up and asthma results were good x-rays good but my peak flows was still dropping.

Called 999 when it dropped to 320 and nebs, steroids etc not pushing it up. Was taken into hospital as I was 4 days below my danger point. IV steroids got me up to 400 after 3 days still wheezing and Dr says it looks more like a flare up of bronchitis, COPD, or Emphysema, so I'm waiting to go back to clinic Friday to see if they can be more specific as to what's the problem

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  • Hello, sorry you had a hard time..my peak flow is between 270 and 320 after nebs at the moment so you did well to bring yours back up. I hope your appointment at the clinic is positive.

  • Hope all goes well at the clinic xxx

  • Thinking of you for your clinic appointment on Friday. Xxxxxx

  • Sorry you are having a rough time at the moment,x good luck for Friday.

  • Thanks for your replies & well wishes, will keep you up to date on Friday.

  • Good luck x

  • sorry to hear you been in hospital hope you get some answers Friday , take care

  • Hope that all goes well for you on Friday. Take care. XXX

  • Sorry to hear of your setback, it sounds a bit of a puzzle. The injections you mention, is that still Xolair? You were doing really well on it as I recall so I hope your chest stabilises soon. Can you explain what "4 days below danger point" means? I haven't heard that expression before so am curious. Good luck for Friday!

  • Hi Hanne, yes I am still on Xolair (Omalizumab) injections, had my last set 9/2 was mid abs & steroids from GP. Had a Feno test was 13. was at clinic again on Friday as it was rescheduled, Feno test was 13 again. Had CXR ok, my Sats are 94/95 so I was not put on oxygen was still coughing quite bad and bringing up sputum, but that had cleared, was given extra abs and IV steroids but PF still not moving up over 400.

    My danger point is when my PF is 380 that seems when things can go down fairly quickly, so we always use this as my marker. Since they put me on Fostair in October my PF has gone from 470/500 to 500/550 (my expected for my age & height is 555) as it kept dropping all weekend I dialled 999 when it hit 320 and I was having problems getting full sentences out.

    Lets see what they say on Friday.

  • As above, I was wondering that too TuckBox. I always associate wheezing with asthma rather than copd, but we're all different. I hope you get it sorted, good luck.

  • Hi All,

    Saw the nurse at the clinic yesterday, Feno test = 12, PF = 514, so its not showing as an asthma problem.

    Breathing still noisy, still coughing but cough reduced and still having trouble shifting phlegm. still on reducing dose of preds., so still no further forward. Will be at clinic again Thursday for my injections hope I've improved by then.

  • Hmm, perhaps there's a simple explanation eg residual inflammation left over from the chest infection? I hope you're better by Thursday, you've got 5 days :)

  • What injections did u have?? How does it help with ur asthma??

    I'm an asthmatic too

    Hope ur feeling better

  • Hi Erin,

    I have been on Omalizumab (Xolair) injections since March 2013 and once on it I stopped 4x daily nebs and Uniphyllin tablets, I had no hospital admissions and fewer exacerbations.

    It seems that since I had a bout of pneumonia that I seem to have gone back to here I was before.

    They are planning to switch me over to the new injections Mepolizumab (Nucala) as soon as it is available.

    At the moment they have put me back on Uniphyllin and I am having 4x nebs a day, I had a chest infection a few weeks ago and was given the usual antibiotics and preds from my GP after a week my peak flow was still dropping so I had to call for an ambulance and was taken into hospital. They changed the anti biotic and I was even on IV steroids for 3 days before my peak flow started moving up. They say my asthma readings are good but are unsure as to why my chest is still crackling and wheezing while my sats are 94+.



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