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Hospital appt finally!

Finally got my hospital appointment through!! It's not until the end of march but at least I'm a step closer to diagnosis! Anyone got any tips on getting what I need from the consultant? I think and so does the gp that I have bronchiectasis caused by damage to my lungs after chemo and radiotherapy in that area 14 years ago. Although saying that I've always had chest problems. I've seen on here that to get a diagnosis I will need a ct scan but is there anything else I should ask for? Thank you x

Oh and also does anyone else get achy legs and palpitation type feeling when your symptoms are starting to flare up again?

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My first bit of advice would be to take a notepad and jot down questions you want to ask then take it with you so you don't miss any on the day. Secondly, I would ask what the consultant's specialism is as not all respiratory consultants specialise in bronchiectasis. Good luck.


Many thanks both good pieces of advice. Xx

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If you are getting palpitations then make sure you mention it to your consultant. I have heart problems anyway but the chest infections can trigger my atrial fibrillation.


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