Dal05 in hospital

Hi everyone,

Dad is back in hospital because of a chest infection. He's on intravenous antibiotics and high steroids but worst of all he has no internet connection on his ward. He promises to be back from his summer vacation as soon as possible to make you all laugh and keep spirits high again with his posts.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Sophie xxx

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  • Hi Sophie thanks for letting us know about your dad. He will be missed on here as he keeps us all going with his positive spirits and sense of humour! I hope he is better soon and back with us. Please give him my love when you see him. Bev x

  • I wish your dad well, with a steady recovery:-)


  • Sophie, give your dad a big kiss and a hug from us. Last week he was telling us that his breathing had got much worse, so maybe that infection was to blame. Hopefully he will feel much better after the IVs and ready for road again. I'm sure there are a few summits on the Malverns waiting for him.

    Hope the IVs are helping with your breathing Tony. Looking forward to hearing all of your antics when you get back online.

  • Hi Sophie hope your dad gets better after his treatment for chest infection and won't be long till we hear his posts again because he helps keep all our spirits up tell him we are asking for him

  • Hello Sophie

    Please pass on my love and best wishes to your dad. I hope he makes a speedy recovery


  • Thanks Sophie, get well soon dall ( Tony ) I love to read ur travels, feels like I'm there with u without moving a muscle , great exercise ( like they say it's the thought that counts lmao ) ❤️❤️ xx Sonia xx

  • Get well soon tony

  • Thank you so much for letting us know, Sophie.

    Wishing him a very speedy recovery and I'm not too impressed with his choice of venue for a holiday!

    Leave the nurses alone, Superman, and concentrate on getting back to the Malverns and some serious rocking.

    Tee xxx

  • Hello Sophie 😊 please tell your Dad I'm asking after him, I hope it won't be too long before he's back home and on the road again! Rock on Tony get well soon!!!😁 xxxxhuff xxxx

  • Hi Sophie, please pass on my good wishes to your Dad and hope he has a speedy recovery.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Thanks Sophie - hope Tony gets well asap. I'll miss him til he's safely back with us. Please send him love, xxx jean

  • Hello Sophie. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery.

    Cas xx 🌷

  • Thank you for keeping us all informed about your amazing dad Sophie and hope he is soon up and about again soon.

    Lots of love to you Tony. Keep rockin. Xxxxx

  • Get well soon wishes to your Dad, and thank you again for your fundraising for the BLF...I can hear your Dad cheering you and your friend on still.

  • Get well soon Tony x x

  • Please pass on my good wishes to your Dad, I do hope he feels better very soon. Love from Christine (AzureSky) and George xxx

  • It always completely overwhelms me when I visit this site and see how incredible and supportive you all are of each other. It really does mean so much and I know these messages will really brighten my dad up :).

    Thank you so much everyone! xxx

  • Thank you so much, you're all quite an amazing family. Tony is adored here, always so positive. Big love to him and hope to see him in Malvern before too long. Penelope xx

  • Send him lots and lots of love please TAD xxx

  • Thanks, Sophie for letting us know. Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he will soon be well again and back on his travels. He always keeps us entertained with his posts and pics. Please give him my love and best wishes for a quick recovery. Christine. XX

  • Get well soon wishes from Colorado. It took me ages to get the entire post up....it stopped with "worst of all"...so bt the time I read the whole thing it was a relief. Nancy

  • Speedy recovery Tony, x😘

  • Wishing Tony a speedy recovery. I bet he is back on here before me! I am moving on Monday but BT have said I won't have internet connection until 5th August - lets wait & see if they keep their word eh!

    Come on Tony, race you to get back on here!


  • Tony wishing you well I'm in Lourdes so will say a prayer for you.

    Love Sheila Aka etch45. Xxx😀💐

  • Hello Sophie, sorry to hear dad is in hospital. I hope he feels better soon. Have you thought about getting dad a mobile charger & broadband. I did this a couple of years ago. Jolly useful.x

  • Please ensure he is wearing pjs with a collar so sister cannot see the mouse nestled in. Apparently they are not fond of mice on wards. I must be there to breathe with him and support my hero.


    Dozy ☺🐀xxx

  • So Sorry to hear you are in hospital...and NO INTERNET !!!!! how awful :) :)

    Thanks so much for letting us know, I am keeping my fingers crossed that your Dad will be back with us again soon.

    He will be sadly missed on here with his cheery personality and wonderful enthusiasm

    Get Well soon Love Sohara x

  • Tell your Dad, we're all thinking of him and that he must get well soon xx

  • from one Tony to another GET BETTER MATE, I miss your humour Ciao, Tony

  • Hello Sophie, sorry to hear Tony ( your dad) is not well and in hospital. Guess it's not the summer vacation he planned, thanks for letting us know. Hopefully with the hospital treatment he will soon be fighting fit and back home. Give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery back to his old self. xx

  • So sorry to hear that Sophie - please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery - look forward to have him back soon. Thank you for letting us know and please keep us updated.

  • Hi Sophie I'm sorry to hear your dads in hospital he is so supportive to us all hear and is a inspiration keeping us all going.

    Send him my regards and tell him to get well soon

  • Oh I'm soooo sorry to hear this. Thanks for the info and please give Tony my love - I know that he will fight his way through this, as he always does. Tell him I might visit him - that should frighten him out of hospital! X

  • Just seen this. I do hope he is picking up. He's an absolute inspiration in my eyes.

  • You have one special dad - but you know that, don't you. Always cheery, always positive, the ward will miss him when he gets back home. But we want him back, can 't do without him. Love Iris x

  • I've only just seen your post, Sophie. Your dad said he'd been struggling a bit so maybe he was brewing this infection. I hope he's getting much better on the IVs, and will soon be home. Hospital is no place for our Tony! Give him my love and tell him to hurry back soon, we miss him xxx

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