Cold sores/Herpes simplex

I have read lately that some of you are suffering from cold sores. Aren't they not the most horrible things to suffer from ? I have had them often since childhood and at times they have been so bad that I can't even eat and have had to drink through a straw. At times I have had them very close to my eye which has meant a prescription of anti viral medication to prevent them creeping towards my cornea. Yuk!

However my friends, help is too hand. It is now known that Lysine has a major impact on this virus! Yay! And it works for me!

So I use Lysine Complex with vitamin C and Zinc. The only retailer I can find who can supply this particular compound is Restora. Their website is so I buy 2 bottles at a time, not cheap but so worth it and truly works very fast. It is possible to buy Lysine in a Crem preparation as a topical preparation, but I have only found that on line too.

So if you can give this miracle cure a try eh? And let us know how it works for you.

Have a good day everyone.

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  • Morning polly, I've never suffered with them, but still a good tip to know just in case xx Sonia xx

  • Hope you never do Sonia :-)

  • If you gave trouble finding a supplier, then do try these folk. They supplied me with a couple of bottles. Email :


  • Oh polly, the link doesn't work for me. Id love to have a look. My youngest daughter suffers terrible with cold sores.


  • It's not a link it is an email address. :)

  • its my age you know :/

  • I know, believe me I know! xx

  • hi toci when ive had a cold sore,, hears what I use and never had no trouble xx

  • Thanks Polly, my sister has suffered with the blessed things for years, mostly on her legs. The docs have never been able to do anything as even antifungals don't help. I have passed the website on to her.

  • Hi polly I have suffered with cold sores for most of my life...I find if I use Zovirax at the first time of a tingly itch, it stops the blisters from forming but I do tend to still get a red sore but not as bad and as long lasting as a full blown attack.its not cheap and there are generic versions .

    I will have a look at your recommendation...thanks

  • Thanks Polly, I have suffered for years with them. Will give it a try.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • when i feel the first tingle of a cold sore coming i hold an ice cube on it , it dosen`t work all the time, but 60% of the time it knocks it back

  • My daughter suffers terrible with cold sores, so I clicked on the link but the site is not available. I will look up the ingredients though. I hate to see her so miserable. and thankyou:-)

  • Hi. Sorry about the link-see my post today. You can buy Lysine from many suppliers, but I like the added zinc as well. P.

  • Thankyou. She is coming to stay with me son so I'll show her. I know she uses Zovirax but finds it very expensive.

  • Ive used Lysine for years and so does my daughter who gets far worse ones than i ever did. First sign of that tingle i take 1000 mg of lysine. You should be able to get it in good chemists or whole food shops.

    Lysine is the opposite (not sure how to describe this medically!) of arginine (in grain, chocolate, nuts) and arginine seems to trigger herpes. So taking lysine balances the arginine. They are both amino acids essential to the body.

    It's much better to rely on this rather than Zovirex as it's natural to the body and encourages the body's immune system to deal with the cold sores itself, rather than relying on chemicals. Since starting taking it several years ago Ive had far less cold sores, less than one a year and very small if they come up at all.

    As whit says, icecubes are useful too.

  • I have suffered all my life with them until I bought an electronic cold sore machine a couple of years ago and it's very rare I get them now. Thoroughly recommend :)



  • Do you have the make of the cold sore machine please? I would like to know about that.


  • It's from Boots the Chemist P, their own make, I have sent you a message with the link x

  • Thank you very much :-)

  • I know when I have a cold sore threatening because whichever side of my face it intends to erupt will be sore to the lightest touch. When I get that sensation I take Lysine and the cold sore never eventuates. I've been using this method for many years and haven't had a cold sore in all that time. Lysine is the only thing I know of that will stop a budding cold sore in it's tracks.

    All chemists and health food stores stock Lysine here in Oz.

  • I have, in the past, used a mixture of Coffee and water made up in a very small container (lid even). Dab this on the sore and it will dry it up. Takes a couple of days. Worth a try - it's cheep!


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