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winter walking in the cold

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I have had copd and I’m getting really frustrated as I get tired all the time, I love walking but it’s been to cold and I have been I’ll anyway. I look after a dog ever Xmas week which I love, I need to walk her 3 times a day , the first walk is a long one, she is big and pulls me up the hills then we come home and both crash on the sofa!i have the correct clothes and foot wear,I have brought a balaclava fleece type thing g to go over my face. What I wanted to know was by going out to exercise in the cold woukd do me more harm than good? I’m just so fed up with being stuck indoors , thanks in advance for any help

29 Replies
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I am advised not to go outdoors in under 18 degrees. I do venture out as low as 12 degrees with scarf wrapped twice around nose and mouth but my walk is ever so slow. These last few weeks Iam imprisoned inhouse other than going door to door by car. It us really grim. Exercise is necessary and outdoors if you can manage it. The worst possible thing is doing absolutely nothing.

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winterwalker01 in reply to Lol1944

thank you so much, yes I agree I need to get out!

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I'm a dog walker for a living. I'm 65 walk and have copd stage 4

I walk Mon through Friday from 8 am till around 1.30

..I absolutely adore walking I wear a soft snood around my neck and if I feel the cold too much the snood can cover my mouth...

I'm not saying what's right for you but you need to keep yourself safe if the cold affects you're breathing... I'm not really bothered much by the cold but always carry my ventolin wherever I go ... so maybe 1 long walk for you mid morning and a shorter one later in the afternoon take care of you 🩵

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Tia4209 in reply to Blackbird9

Wow you are amazing!, I always assumed your COPD was moderate at that most.

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Blackbird9 in reply to Tia4209

Sadly not but numbers don't matter its how we all feel 💜

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thank you so much for this, has really lifted my spirits, I walk and play with the dogs at a rescue every monday , and I have my new keep warm face attire so going to go for it and take your advice! Thank you so much

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I too have copd and various lung issues, I take my small dog out twice a day. Wear a snood round your mouth and nose as it warms up the air going in. Personally as long as I can do it, I feel it is of great benefit to go walking. I stay on the flat ground and stop if breathless. I take it slowly! Good luck! Merry christmas x

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winterwalker01 in reply to claracola

merry Christmas to you too! Yes this thing I brought covers my nose and mouth and also has a hood, it great to hear that others are dog walking, the dog I have over Xmas involves one long walk up two steep hills, I can’t manage on my own with out stoping a few times, but she pulls me up as she is big! Thank you for all your feed back , has given me the confidence I needed x

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Your snood/hood sounds great for keeping the cold out of your lungs. I think its really good if you can manage a walk even in the winter weather, just take it easy and take your inhaler with you just in case. Enjoy the company of the dog they can be great companions x

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winterwalker01 in reply to Izb1

thank you I never leave home with out my inhaler!

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make sure your mouth and nose are covered,I find it really helps x

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Patk1 in reply to Oshgosh

Me too Oshgosh.soft scarf or snood warms the air x

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Hello. You must be careful breathing in the cold air. It can exacerbate our condition( i have copd), it is good to walk in the fresh air especially with a dog but keep scarf or balaclava round mouth and nose as much as you can. I know it’s difficult and restricting but you must take care in cold weather. I hope you have enjoyable walks and stay safe.🙂

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winterwalker01 in reply to Collie4

thank you

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Our Breath Easy group was told that we should not be going out at 6 degrees or less. House to heated car ok of course but nothing else. This from a lung GPSI (pronounced gypsy = GP with special interest) and it works for me.

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winterwalker01 in reply to O2Trees

thank you,well they say that it’s going t get a bit warmer down south so I hope it gets above 6

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O2Trees in reply to winterwalker01

13 degrees down south - hard to believe, innit, after all the freezing cold :)

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catgirls1976 in reply to O2Trees

Its warmed up nice here in Cardiff and I had a great walk in the pouring rain earlier on and the air felt fresher than it has been recently.

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eleanordigby in reply to O2Trees

I think your gypsy is right! Cold air is by far my worst trigger, airways just seize up. I think it’s the asthma. It can be scary, I once went for a very short walk on a sunny, frosty day, buff & all, but got stuck, couldn’t breathe & had to phone for help! Never again. We’re all different of course

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O2Trees in reply to eleanordigby

I think the cold triggered my latest flare-up - throat is so sensitive. Please be careful now you are out of hospital :)

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I've been fine, breathing wise, in the sub zero temps we've been having. I have two dogs so have to go out whatever the weather. It's strong winds and high humidity that impact me the most. For what it's worth, Winterwalker, I firmly believe that getting yourself up a steep hill a few times a week is the best "pipe opener" you can do. Once I've recovered (lol!) everything else seems easy. My doc has me down as severe COPD with asthma.

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winterwalker01 in reply to LiveSalt

thanks so much that’s good to know

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It's better to get fresh air as well, I have been out 3 days a week, when I need to go shopping I go out as well I also do walk, don't drive.

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that’s me done then!! This cold weather I’ve been out in. I wrap up with many layers and last Sunday was freezing but I still went out. I struggled but it was a Christmas Market I wanted to browse. I didn’t know we should be careful going out in the cold!!!

I try to go out and walk (flat only) in shops or out and about about 4,500 steps ( not enough I know) thinking that if I stay sitting indoors ( which is nice resting) but I’ll vegetate so I need to be moving around. My work requires me sitting for two or three hours at a time so I’m aware of getting up.

I used to have dogs but I chuckled when you said the dog pulls you up hill! Lol that’s a good way to tackle the hills. Horrible disease

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catgirls1976 in reply to pepparuby1

I have been out walking in the cold as well but thankfully its warmer here today in Cardiff and I have been out for a walk in the pouring rain!

How are you getting on and Pepparuby the black panther?

Baby is great and looking forward to her presents next Sunday!

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pepparuby1 in reply to catgirls1976

peps is good so is Hector I put cat tv on for them tonight - they had some of their presents already and we’re playing with them tonight. Glad Baby is well

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I usually walk in all weathers but have been ill with a cold so stayed indoors during cold snap.. I am so pleased to say it hasn't developed into pneumonia :) My son is visiting which cheers me up. Keep walking but take all usual precautions.....also, stay near to home by doing a loop walk just in case you need to get indoors. Happy hiking🚶‍♂️🧡

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Perhaps woolly Covid masks could serve a dual purpose. I’ve heard that the immune system in the nose is impaired by cold.😊

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I would like to thank everyone who replied what a great forum , so pleased to of found it!

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