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Cold air

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Hello friends,

I don’t know if others agree with me but i get very annoyed when people say to wrap up with more clothes to keep warm now that fuel prices have risen so unfairly. What people who don’t have copd or other lung complaints don’t realise or understand is the fact that we need warm rooms/ atmospheres to keep us comfortable, no matter how many clothes we have on we need to breathe warm air.!

For me personally i begin to feel ill if i breathe in cold air, it affects my copd and my rheumatoid arthritis and i’m sure there are many who would say the same.

I don’t like complaining but i wish people would realise the importance of warm air for us and stop saying to ‘layer up’ with clothes! Extremes affect us i know, too hot or too cold, we have to have a happy medium.

31 Replies
sassy59 profile image

Pete would agree with you Collie. He needs to breathe warm air or it affects his chest. Xx

Blackbird9 profile image

Isnt it strange how we are all affected in different ways with lung conditions ..

I prefer colder air to warm .

Hate central heating on until at least February and even then its not great 💜

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CDPO16 in reply to Blackbird9

Me too. Just have the heating on to take the chill off the bathroom each morning.

Spacecat1 profile image
Spacecat1 in reply to Blackbird9

im the same prefer a hot water bottle and blanket during day. And night time a fan.

Eastend555 profile image
Eastend555 in reply to Blackbird9

Yeah i prefer colder air but i put theheating on i cant stand being cold

watergazer profile image
watergazer in reply to Blackbird9

my husband says I’m an enigma. I like heat but can’t stand the heater on full blast in the car. I often put my AC on at 15 degrees. I love a hot water bottle but find it uncomfortable in temperatures of 30 degrees plus. I’m not liking the change in temperature at the moment. Getting really chilly I need a hot water bottle attached permanently 🤣

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Blackbird9 in reply to watergazer


Damon1864 profile image

I totally agree with you, cold air also affects my COPD we need consyant temperature to help us and keep us comfortable and as healthy as possible . Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Collie4 profile image
Collie4 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you. 🙂

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Damon1864

same here anything below 19 triggers my coughing and sputum output also above 25 and i struggle with it also

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This is just a suggestion and in no way detracts from the fact, that people with disabilities need to be warm and just adding additional clothes doesn’t help. BUT have you tried wearing a BUFF? This is like a scarf but you can wear over mouth so breathing in warmer air than fresh air.

Collie4 profile image
Collie4 in reply to Bevvy

yes i have a buff/ snood, it does help, but feel a bit ‘suffocating’ sometimes with one round my mouth.

Bevvy profile image
Bevvy in reply to Collie4

I’m sure and I certainly don’t think you should have to sit with it on all day, every day but might help on occasion.

CDPO16 profile image
CDPO16 in reply to Collie4

I used to cover my nose and mouth with a scarf if I had to go out in the cold but can only cope with it for a very short time now.

teenieleek profile image

I hate being cold. Grew up in a cold house and was determined never to skimp on heating. I have tried this year not to put it on so far but gave in yesterday. It was 8c outside and 14c inside which is too cold for comfort. It does annoy me that folks who live where it’s still 20c outside say they like a cool house. Cool and cold are two different things. The government help with energy costs should be graded by latitude! Sorry, rant over.

Collie4 profile image
Collie4 in reply to teenieleek

i agree.🙂

Caspiana profile image

I definitely agree. Especially with RA. It makes the pain much worse. xx 😔

watergazer profile image
watergazer in reply to Caspiana

I find the rain affects mine. I suffer with pain then x

Alberta56 profile image

I agree with you, Collie. Breathing in cold air is not good for me.

tbeth profile image

I agree with you. This is happening everwhere. Very unfair.

Fircone profile image

I so agree with you collie4. I need the air to be warm in order to breathe better. I’ve already had my heating on in the evenings!

GintyFerguson profile image

Oh my goodness! I could not agree more. It drives me crazy! I do tell people this but they never remember.

Izb1 profile image

Unless you suffer these conditions you cannot know how it affects people. I am usually always hot but strangely feel the cold intensely and my rheumatoid is very painful if i am cold. I really hope we have a mild winter and none of us have to suffer deciding if we can afford to put the heating on. Layering up is a good idea to keep the body warm but as you say it doesnt help with breathing x

Timberman profile image

You make a very good point. And one which is relevant to all forms of respiratory diseases. Perhaps we should all write to our MPs/Representatives and Tweet about it too? Maybe get some attention!

madonbrew profile image

I agree…cold air definitely affects my asthma much more! I seem to be better in the warmer air! Damp weather isn’t good either! Take care 💐

Pipswhips profile image

i completely agree with you i don't have rheumatoid arthritis but Osteoarthritis which is starting to get worse now so i know come winter it will be bad. If the cold weather affects you have you tried a scarf even if its a thin one folded in half long ways i find that helps to warm the air up a bit as your not breathing cold air straight away. The scarf is only a suggestion

Collie4 profile image
Collie4 in reply to Pipswhips

yes, i often have a scarf or snood round my neck and cover my mouth and nose. It helps but i like my mouth and nose free as it can feel a bit suffocating covered up.

Pipswhips profile image
Pipswhips in reply to Collie4

i felt that way with masks i felt i was going to pass out with them. I use a yhin fine scarf fold in half its a bit to wide if i dont fold but its thin enough to use i dont pull it tight leave it a bit slack just enough to stay on my nose with causing me problems if it does get tight i pull on the front to loosen it. I cross it over at hhe back and ends hang down the front so its easier to loosen itba bit if need too.

Collie4 profile image
Collie4 in reply to Pipswhips

thank you for reply. Yes, i have many thin scarves and find them more comfortable than keeping a mask on.

Pipswhips profile image
Pipswhips in reply to Collie4

try using them they will be better then suffering with the cold. Reason i use a scarf because I'm a mouth breather, it means i can't breathe through my nose it seems to be constantly blocked it warma the air up a bit

Bluenotes profile image

also , it gets damp when heat is not on

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